Colorado by David Sizemore

Featuring Dustin Spengler, Justin Barr, Cody Porche, David Sizemore & Greg Freeman.

Previously: David Sizemore, Little Fuck Does a Curb Stall.

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20 Responses to “Colorado by David Sizemore”

  1. Shawn Carter Says:

    Where the fuck is Zack Smith?

  2. adrian Scoseria Says:

    bad ass to see them lightnings and st 8s !

  3. felix Says:

    so perfect, loved the rollerblade lightnings :-) and of cours the skating!

  4. Billy Idol Says:

    Sizemore is such a boss!

  5. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Love seeing the lightnings as well. Whats amazing is that Dave Ortega was doing switch souls on kinked handrails in 95 in those.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    so awesome. loved it. sort of excited to see David in Valos with skins.. those new Julio’s would be dope on him.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    He’s too good for Valo (bunch of faggots)

  8. Yi Yiiiiiiiii Says:

    my first rollerblades were those exact lightnings. The good ole days.

  9. Coke Addict Says:

    fuck yeah mother fuckers!!!

  10. bill Says:

    omg david sizemore is so hip with his roces how cute. That fucking bastard. You are no rollerblade martyr, you are just a hipster little bitch who wanted to make a roces edit to be cool.

  11. confucious Says:

    man on standing on toilet high on pot!

  12. flowskate Says:

    ^ Bill fuck you- regardless of youropinion the skating was perfect..Loved it.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Bill, you’re such a failure. You’re a female. Gtfo blady

  14. xsjadoninja Says:

    What wrong with bladies? Wish I knew one, unless your name is bill..

  15. Jeremy Says:

    The only thing better than a new Sizemore edit is him blading with some of my favorite colorado bladers. Skating was flawless, Greg freeman is a badass and David Sizemore is the opposite if bill’s post

  16. Urbn^nja Says:

    Old skates, Awesome skating, slick filming, editing, music… You just made my day Mr. Sizemore and Co.!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    That Westminster park has never been skated like that.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    That guy with the vintage skates is amazing haha!

  19. flowskate Says:

    these guys are like some sort of rebel alliance with there crazy kooky skates..LOVE it!

  20. SteeZ Says:

    Oh my LHORD!! This Edit got me Stoked EVERYONE Ripped!! Especially that Back-Royale up Fakie 5 RIGHT after…..Uggh….That was SO Foul!! Sizemore you BEAST!