Colin Kelso’s Custom Deshi Skates

deshi colin kelso

Note: Colin obviously just took his foot out of the skate, so the liners are slightly pulled out of shape.
They would normally be lower, to the point that half the shield would be obscured.

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20 Responses to “Colin Kelso’s Custom Deshi Skates”

  1. Farmer Says:

    I want deshis… Now.

  2. Bayly Says:

    Bullet frames? or hi lo’s?
    my guess bullets

  3. Bayly Says:

    wow those buckles always look photoshopped

  4. nick Says:

    i seen colin settin those up at neglected truth the first day he got em…. he was pretty excited. the skates look hot as hell, im about to get a pair when they come out

  5. Christian Says:

    THOSE BOOTS LOOK SO SEXY!!!!! ARGH!!! can’t wait until christmas :D

  6. toby Says:

    oh baby :P

  7. MrBrOwNsToNe Says:

    tiens pour la premiere fois de ma vie je trouve que ces deshi sont pas mal…

  8. xaeon Says:

    Putin ils sont beaux c’est abusé…. I wasn’t aware Colin was on the gC team?

  9. Lewis Says:

    why does everyone change the souls, i thought deshi souls were supposed to be like big blocks of wax!!

  10. marshman Says:

    it’s not wax… it’s uhmw. and they’re a lil heavy, bulky, take away from flex, and they dont look so hot

  11. marshman Says:

    o and those are pretty sick lookin with tha grey 2-pc souls

  12. stuart campbell Says:

    mmmm! flat setup.

  13. nick Says:

    thats not a flat setup dude, those are antis.

  14. ryan Says:

    yes they are flat, both the kelsos skate flat

  15. George Amos Says:

    Yeah thats a flat setup on Bullets.
    I think this is a bad angle though.

  16. calvin Says:

    those skates are sssssssssssooooooooooooo!!! bad ass they look amazing colin kelso yo’ve out done your self man i love them :D

  17. shane Says:

    they are his new pro skate niggggaaaaaa not kicks but both kicks and them are awesome

  18. josh Says:

    how easy is it to put usd 2 piece onto the kelsos and are they bolted into the boot or just held on by the frames?

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