Cody Sanders in Dag Days

Cody Sanders in Dag Days

Quoting Anthony Medina:

This short promo features some footage from Cody Sanders‘s section along with some unused clips.

Dag Days is shipping anywhere in the world from my Big Cartel page, and it’s also available at SDSF, Intuition, Roller Warehouse, Bakerized, eRolling, and Tri-State Skate.

Song: The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe.
Dag Days by Anthony Medina: More Media.

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8 Responses to “Cody Sanders in Dag Days”

  1. Anonymous Says:


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  2. Ian P. Says:

    This is the dopest fuck all of the hate this might pull if you have ever met cody you know he is such a great d00d

  3. Anonymous Says:

    yolo swag yolo swag swag

  4. drew_amato Says:

    suck a dick, people!

  5. Dan-Man Says:

    fuck yea!

    porn toe roll porn true porn was illly!

  6. pissyfinkle Says:

    soul grind to the best party in the universe

  7. Anonymous Says:

    It’s about time someone gives this guy a little more than a blurb in a review.

  8. Kristian Payne Says:


    My comment is not too short, it says a million words.