Cody Sanders: How to ruin rollerblading

Cody Sanders: How to ruin rollerblading

The plan was to film a section for my next video, Dag Days, but Cody Sanders ended up having to move. Here’s what we got in the few months he lived here.Anthony Medina.

Song: Ariel Pink – Rock Play.

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  • Bean

    i enjoyed that!

  • Kevin Dowling

    that was fucking rad. Bangerang Cody Sanders.

  • machtroua

    he looks like Cillian Murphy…

  • Anonymous

    beast at a.o sole tricks! reminded me of mike lily style which was great. not sure about the sailor hat in the last clip but the trick more than made up for it

  • rollshoes

    fucking immense! that long true top soyal on the ledge was ridiculous. good stuff

  • Anonymous

    That edit was fresh until I saw that sailor hat. Hipster homo.

  • notanigggggger


    Your comment about this video was completely accurate.

  • traducer

    great song great blader

  • bill hedrick

    every trick was a soul grind combo


    !!!!!!!!!best style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a

    fuck swag. fuck style. fuck swag.

    this guy’s soyales are awesome

  • Anonymous

    love how micahs section is posted underneath

  • Anonymous

    this is what RNs comments section should be like! no hating! i enjoyed this so much, loved the front farv round the red rail!

  • Dope songs

    “How to ruin rollerblading?” What do you mean?

  • Anonymous

    guess i better get a section together so i can get free USD’s too, if this is all it takes…

  • randomness

    get some new coooler lookin skates

    peace playa

  • Doug Cupo

    Rad Cody…dig ur style and tricks dude

  • Louie Zamora

    sailor hat was the coolest part

  • gay hat

    His style is weird in thrones, I dont really like it.

    That soyal was fucking sick though.

  • Mr.LovaLova

    sick skate, and styler!

  • Scott Loper

    Rollernews, aka I’m not sponsored so I will just shit on everyone actually doing something with their skating.

  • anthony maik

    i enjoyed that =)

  • 70Sav

    It was all good til the sailor hat showed up.