Clip of the day: Bas Berghuis Topsoul 360 Topsoul

Laced at the Bok 2013 (Full Results).
(Burnside Open Kampioenschappen).


Bas Berghuis (Holland): More Media.

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  • http://dsa dsa

    Wowwwwwwww harddddddddddd dsa dsa dsa dsa


    awsome! cant wait for the full edit of this contest

  • Anonymous

    hate it when people do that stupid arm wave when they act juiced from landing a trick.

  • Ralf

    i hate it when people post anonymous hate comments on rollernews.

  • ripped off

    So sick with how fast he was going

  • Anonymous

    Was good but he didn’t quite come off the very end of the rail :(

  • Witalis Made in Poland

    hah it’s like you could write… I hate it when people have fun when rollerblading. or I hate it when they are cheerful because of landing a trick :) it’s like that Smurf :) Peace out

  • Anonymous

    fuck the hater happiness rulez