Clip of the day: Adria Saa, topsoul rail transfer

Inline Pro Skater Adria Saa from Barcelona executed this huge topsoul to topsoul transfer on this spot. It took some falls and some pain but at the end…NAILED! – Tony Cheetah.

Clip of the day: Adria Saa (Barcelona), topsoul rail transfer

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Featuring Chris Dafick, Adria Saa, Leon Humphries, Marc Moreno and Paco Rey.

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  • dyamond nuts crew

    muy tochooo tioo!!grande mineroh!!

  • nigga plz

    i seen niggaz doin dat shit in they sleep back in 2002


    I saw people doing that back in 2002 when rollerblading was good. This is still good

  • Anonymous

    congrats that is one gnarly move

  • Emilio S.


    mensaje para haters:
    -siempre salta un cojo.

  • Anonymous

    that was insane

  • 37

    feels like I just went 9 years back in time

  • Anonymous

    I guess it prooves todays skaters are just as good as those in 2002. but adria is still skating, and the guys from 2002 are working in McDonalds. So adria can still push the sport even further. would much rather watch a trick like this than some pussy tapping curbs.

  • Anonymous

    so good. loved it

  • Anonymous

    EPIC… Groms can say they’ve seen people doing this 10 yrs ago but have they ever done anything similar to this? no.

  • Anonymous

    stop tapping curbs bro

  • Jbah

    i did this before

  • nigga plz

    nigga i can’t do dat shit, i’m just sayin dat shit ain’t news to me

  • inthebuilding

    this nigga is nuts nigga. all you niggas shut the fuck up that was big as fuck you fake ass niggaz

  • 37

    Nigga-ass niggas, don’t say so nigga-much nigga-ing “nigga”. Damn nigga niggas.

  • the stinky Juda

    hail yeah!