CJ Wellsmore: Vine St, Remix by Dom West

quoting Dom West:

There was some controversy over CJ’s song choice in Vine St whilst I was editing, so I made this as another option. I think I prefer this one… Song: DJ Shadow – High Noon.

CJ Wellsmore

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  • dave

    CJ and Vine St. are as good as it gets

    like the original song better though IMO


    Mate… i know your reading all your comment and im proud of ya… but get back to work… restock those metalcores and sell more scooters .

  • tit

    nice body type… hmm

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    1:58-2:01 is why I will being buying your wheel again this year bro. Thanks for basically covering all aspects of rolling with one juggernaut section. Im going to crack open a skull splitter 8.5 and check the Truth again…

  • Anonymous

    the remz boot was made for this crazy fucker

  • pcooley

    Really really really really really really really really really good section.

    The whole remz line up = gods

  • Anonymous

    id buy a scooter.

  • Im starting to think

    that the same guy is making negative comments and you can post a trillion comments with trillion different names, and somebody is doing that, I can feel it!

  • nuggetofsex

    thats just your own anus youre feeling get your finger out of it

  • um

    remz should make a video by dom

  • cullen

    pretty sure CJ is on the pro remz team on there site.. Its also an australian dvd… not Uk. spaz! Such a good edit there.. the dvd as a whole is mega sick!

  • Oscar

    In CJ’s interview on last Be-Mag issue he talks a little how is that he becoming Pro for REMZ is still in talking stages with Kato. If he is already Pro, that’s good news for all in our community… nobody deserves it more. If he is still not, cmon Kato, what are you waiting for. Would you like CJ’s talent wasted at some demos for Six Flags of the Cirque du SoleiL? Please CJ, visit Colombia, or anywhere in South America!

  • Henri

    awesome skating, thumbs up for CJ !

  • someone people respect ALOT

    CJ and anyone for that matter should be able to wear what he wants without 12yo rollernews kids saying ‘you would look better in different clothes’. Its a sad day when bladers start debating that! just skate u douches! awesome edit/skating!