CJ Wellsmore: Vine St (2010) by Dom West

2011 Repost.

CJ Wellsmore

Vine St is a rollerblading video from Sydney, Australia, based upon the residence of 58 Vine St.

The video features full sections from Richie Eisler, Rian Arnold, CJ Wellsmore, Tien Nguyen & Mass Alhattawi ; with split sections from Simon Dorabialski, Charlie Ruckly, Craig Brocklehurst, Dom West, Jamie Knapp & James Bower.

Filmed and Edited by Dom West.

Music: Trentmoller – Take me into your skin ; Noir Desir – Vive la fete.

More Vine St Media: Rian Arnold, Cj Wellsmore Extras (Remix), Richie Eisler, Friends, Simon Dorabialski & Charlie Ruckly, Mass Alhattawi, Tien Nguyen, Leftovers, Part 1, 2, 3, Soundtrack, Preview, Trailer, Extras.

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  • chris

    Amazing sk8er and great section!

  • Chris Angeliusius

    Best in the world

  • Terrortom says

    Yea is the fatso in the and alredy dead by obetitas

  • Anonymous

    Dear Dom West, please credit the music, it’s not your own right?

  • Klas

    Holy shit, hammer machine!

  • Anonymous


    srsly CJ, you need a new skate sponsor. Go with USD if fat Kato won’t fly you anywhere this year. YOU’RE MY FAVORITE SKATER EVER AND I KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD AGAIN THIS YEAR!! Just look at his comp stats on WRS. He’s only ever gotten 1st or 2nd against all the best in the world, and his street skating is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Next gen for sure!

  • John from Idaho

    he’s definitely awesome on street, and he’s better at bowls than anyone we have ever seen before!! AMAZING!

  • Anonymous

    WOW this guy is good. Anyone know where I can buy his pro skate?

  • kboos

    C’est en écoutant des musiques pareilles que je songe à changer de nationalité. En plus ce con m’a donné envie de bouffer du Nutella je vais encore me faire tuer ce soir parce que je mange rien

  • holy moly

    i hope he sticks with remz, yeah kato sould fly him out to all the comps and give him a god damn pro skate and stuff…but FUCK all the other companies, except maybe for valo, he would prolly look good in them…but for the rest FUCK OFF

  • holy moly

    those usd carbon things would ruin his skating

  • CTroller

    Anybody notice how his bead necklace looks like a penis? I know it’s disrespectful because it’s probably religious but lol

  • soul2roll

    Sick sick skating/edit! The end was pretty funny(and creepy)too :D

  • DarthRoller

    He’s super sick. Maintains so much power at speed in bowls and on street. Not many people do it that well. Haffey/Eisler/Morales/Broskow/Aragon are a few of the others who can.

  • mike

    that was really sick, the begining is funny and last trick as a banger.
    but really a lot of those street clips would be ‘basic’ tricks for big names like aragon haffey franky broskow etc

  • chris

    dunno what penis you have got if you think that looks like one

  • 999

    mike ur a fucking dumbass. and nobody cares bout ur negative thoughts. BEST DUDE OUT. FUCKIN RAD MAN

  • mike

    lol.. ok.. whatever

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    this is what rollerblading is supposed to be, not the small shit CK throws down. how is this guy NOT pro?

  • Hell

    ^^No, not whatever…

    This is fucking true skating here. Raw, aggressive, fast, deadly. I love CJ’ s style, no bullshit, just tearing shit up.

    @ Holy moly: forget about valo, it’s an empty soul company. Sold to Amall. Full of filth. Just there to make some big $$$…fuck them.

  • J C

    Felt like I was watching an old Broskow section from like 03

  • Pdub

    Kato will be the end of cj’s skating, he obviously won’t send him to the big comps because he beats all the pros, including his top pro skate seller haffey, if Cj keeps beating haffey then people won’t be so inclined to buy his skate. It’s just funny that the world number one doesn’t get a chance to defend his title in a comp run by his sponsor.
    This is just my theory anyway, CJ needs to leave remz

  • Hell

    The problem in the industry is the lack of funds. At the same time company have pros that need cash. Then they make bad decisions just to save money…this is pitiful …there’s alot of problems out there on this planet…much more important than the situation of our small unpopular sport.

    I say, just skate like it was your last day on earth…fuck the industry…it’s been dead for a long time…people make the sport, not the companies…

  • fool

    pdub leave the dudes running companies run them how they want to run them.
    maybe kato (and julio, shima, and all the others for that matter) has other requirements than winning comtests when he picks his riders. who knows. they’re doing their thing and its easy to talk here but we’re not in their shoes.

  • fool

    i don’t think the industry is dead at all but I agree with ‘hell’: just get out there and skate is what’s important

  • brooooo

    Worst style in my opinion.. Dude looks like he takes everything waaaay too seriously.. Doesn’t even look like he’s having fun. I’d like to see CJ and Haffey play a game of skate.. Pretty sure Haffey would destroy him.

  • OverKast976

    Vine St. is one of the best skate videos of all time, if not the best. so glad i bought it.!!!!

  • Chris W

    Not sure if anyone is going to buy the video anymore if you keep dropping sections for free. Just seems a bit too soon, thats all. Great video, also glad I bought it.

  • rollerblading is gay

    would be dope to have a copy of the video that i didnt have to convert to play in my dvd player. lol. great stuff either way. the 2nd part of his section is my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    @ brooooo … he take some things seriously, bcuz he takes some risk, but you see him happy and smiling, having fun on skate, not like kelso shit and his funeral face, sticky landing, after two fast stall on a boardspot… didn’t this taked too seriously ?

  • Anonymous

    I think the American skate companies need a wake up call, and CJ going to USD would be that wake-up call. USD would have Cudot and CJ to dominate skating comps for the next decade.

  • illmatic

    this dudes nuts

  • Terror

    Fucken sick, best in the world right now. I don’t know how can anyone hate on CJ. I also agree, wtf is wrong with remz? this motherfuckers don’t even have him in their webpage, go look at remz riders in their page, he’s nowhere there, instead they got other idiots like franky moralez, and wood who hardly ever skate now and are washed up. CJ is up there with haffey, the best to riders in remz and yet he is not even in the fucken pro team. It’s ridiculousness. I don’t know why he hasn’t gotten his pro boot and has more sponsors than he does right now.

    Also, it’s not just remz to the idiots talking crap, same shit with razors and USD. Look cudot on USD, he’s an AM. In razors, ian mccleod, roman abrate, erick perkett and other skaters.

  • Boom

    Roman Abrate, Julian Cudot and Erik Perket are all a bunch of waste men. They’re not pro because there’s more to it then just doing whats been done. They’re boring and unoriginal skaters with no style who don’t push the sport. CJ is still young and his skaintg will continue to develop. He might not be pro now but give it time. This is only his first section…

  • Boom

    @Hell – I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • think about it

    imagine CJ riding Carbunz??? Ditch Remz already!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wtf was the deal with the end? Is that some stupid shit that the X-Games played during commercial breaks?

  • kurt

    whats the big deal about people say CJ for carbons? it’s a fucking stupid idea, is it just because of the weight? being the lightest skate on the market doesn’t mean they’re the best, the best from carbons is richie and jeff dalnas, look at the others, nimh has got bolino, montre, joey, shima and the brierly brothers and yet the nimhs are an average weight, it’s mind of matter.
    saying that CJ will be fine sticking with remz, kato just needs to get his shit right.

  • Chris Pullar

    Pretty cool reading all these old comments, so much hype and plenty of career advice.
    Now it’s 3 years later and the guy has proved so many times that people were right to believe the hype. He hasn’t stopped destroying the game and hasn’t stopped having fun. And the whole “Which company should he go to?” question has been answered and worked out pretty bloody well too. First Aussie since Blake Dennis to achieve pro skate status, and I dare say he’ll leave a similarly significant legacy to Blake.
    Man, knowing that it’s gonna happen again, I can’t wait to be back in a room packed with bladers and press Play for the first time on Vine Street 2.
    Go CJ and go Dom.

  • Chris Pullar

    Wow. I forgot how in that grommet footage at the end, he’s wearing a Cozmo Wheels Australia hoodie, from back in the day when Australia had superstars, to today and now and he’s the guy. What a rad story. Once again, thanks Dom.

  • Dope.

    Masterpiece vid…. music and vids on smash!!!

  • Anonymous

    Long way from a 5 ft kid wearing over sized roces and doing pencil spins and wallrides….

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