CJ Wellsmore: Vine St (Australia) Extras

Jan 2011 Repost.

Here’s an edit of CJ Wellsmore with the footage we had left after his Vine St section.

CJ Wellsmore

Vine St is a rollerblading video from Sydney, Australia, based upon the residence of 58 Vine St.

The video features full sections from: Richie Eisler, Rian Arnold, CJ Wellsmore, Tien Nguyen, Mass Alhattawi, Simon Dorabialski, Charlie Ruckly, Craig Brocklehurst, Dom West, Jamie Knapp & James Bower.

Filmed and Edited by Dom West (Trailer).

Music: Pretty lights – so much in the dark.

More Vine St Media: Friends, Simon Dorabialski & Charlie Ruckly, Mass Alhattawi, Tien Nguyen, Rian Arnold, Cj Wellsmore (Remix), Richie Eisler, Leftovers, Part 1, 2, 3, Soundtrack, Preview, Trailer, Extras.

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  • Anonymous

    cj is so sick…that hip transfer was insane!

  • Ray Mendez


    over & out…

  • Gabriel

    does anyone know the song ?

  • Spen

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! Australia has such a great scene and awesome spots everywhere. How he isn’t pro I just don’t know, hope he stays on Remz and someone else doesn’t snaffle him up (which they most probably will if Remz don’t make him pro). I’m going skating now…to Australia.

  • xavier

    Haha, a leftover… Seriously???! Sick video, kick ass song, nice Dom! CJ is THE man!
    The song is “So much in the dark” by Pretty Lights.

  • kev

    extras???you have to be jokin me…….

  • Pom West

    Dear Bill,

    when you start helping CJ go overseas to compete then maybe you’ll get your logo in the edits.


  • RJ

    hes the man…. cj not beeing pro…. Well… razors and remz should be fired..to many people being pros ( not deserved) to many people being am ( and they should be pros) … remz…you should be ashamed of yourself…. no money… your skates costs 300 euros goddamnit…. decide who is pro… and who is amater… you dont have to sponsor 300 people… sponzor em 10… 5 pro, 5 am. and PRO SHOULD RECIVE A PRO BOOT… you have like.. 6 pros.. and only one of em gets pro boot.. thats mindfucking… LOOK at usd for example… each pro gets its own boot… FUCK SUNSHINE !!!!!!!!!!! GO POWERSLIDE..

  • dagi

    huh. so many ideas here.
    1 thing for sure.
    this edit is sick.
    n’ 1 more.
    wanna go to australia

  • Song pls?

    Anyone know the song?!

  • drugadict

    CJ is not a remz pro ???

  • mad

    what a straight style, everything so clear, smothe and authentic, too. cj, mr. eisler and all of those australian guys are so real … i wanna skate like that :) looks too easy

  • Oscar Zabala

    Funny to think how much talent has come and left through Remz: CJ (First of all), Dave Lang, Connor O’ Brien, Franky. The first two could easily become the next Haffey. I just hope Remz won’t go empty handed with just a couple of boring emptysoul skaters.

  • Markus P.

    Bester Skater der WELT ! MUHUHU ! ICH liebe IHN

  • Anonymous

    Cool seeing all the cj edits here keep up the good work

  • nigel

    can i get a name/city of that first skatepark? the one on the beach. haha

  • Fearghal

    This lad needs to be made pro. unreal fluidity to his style

  • ok

    this is the first skating video which i watched where no1 has bitched about the skater well bar “Maurice” saying hes over rated when he clearly isnt cj is so dope ive seen him skate like shit each time he drops sick arse footage and tbh i think he would kill most of the so called pros nowadays

  • Dis Dick

    This guy is a soul crusher. The fact that he’s not a pro is asinine. USD should scoop him up to replace Bambrick.

  • http://cargocollective.com/groove Marcus

    Dis Dick, true words!

  • Terror

    how the fuk are cj wellsmore and nils jahnsons not pro? they are easily top 5 skaters in the whole world in both street and skatepark. Better than haffey right now.

  • fill carvalo

    guys, being pro isn’t just about skill level. obviously skill is a factor but it’s also about who you know, where you live, where you travel, and so on. it’s not that simple to just “make someone” a pro, especially when they live all the way in fuckin’ australia. if you don’t realize this, you’re stupid.

    with that being said, CJ is the fuckin’ man, and one of the most talented rollerbladers (fuck it, athleats) alive today. in a perfect world, he obviously WOULD be pro, (and rich and famous), but the real world doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

    CJ, if you read this, keep up the good work dude :)

  • Dis Dick

    @Fill Carvalo. Actually Fill, it is that easy. Pro’s exist to sell more product, CJ is clearly one of the best AND gets a lot of love from skaters (as witnessed on this forum), is obviously connected, and being as the best edits I’ve seen in a while is coming from these Vine St. cats I’d say being located in Australia is an advantage. So giving him a Pro boot should generate more revenue for x brand; meaning, then they start paying for him to go places and enter comps and create a skate with his name on it (not costly). These companies aren’t balling out of control, but they are not broke ether. They can make it happen. He’s pro caliber and this shouldn’t even be a topic up for discussion.

  • jon

    haha the song is in the vimeo description… pretty lights – so much in the dark

  • a chi town blader

    this man makes me wanna get a pair of remz