CJ Wellsmore Pro Model By SEBA: Edit by Dom West

CJ Wellsmore Pro Model By SEBA: Edit by Dom West

Seba Street is proud to present the official CJ Wellsmore Pro Model Edit. Filmed and edited by Dom West in Sydney, Australia, CJ’s hometown.

Previously: CJ Wellsmore, 3 weeks in China. Photo: Undercover.

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103 Responses to “CJ Wellsmore Pro Model By SEBA: Edit by Dom West”

  1. Carlos "lalau" Diamante Says:

    Cannot believe you 180 that massive stairs in darling harbour!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Japetto Says:

    That was fucking insane!

  4. GVA Says:

    CJ you re amazing ! You and Pottier are killing it with those skates !

  5. Anonymous Says:

    True pro status .. he deserved this for a long time, fucking bad ass !

  6. Anonymous Says:

    that was fucking amazing. imagine how much other pros would progress if they got paid a living wage as well… everyone needs to be on seba… good for cj. just wish everyone could get paid a proper wage. ROLLERBLADINGS COOL… DONT PEOPLE WITH MONEY SEE THAT

  7. Reqyfrangingtreqstorishtrilltwerk Says:

    Dom west is so good at filming and editing and with CJs powerful skating more people need to see this

  8. dingo Says:





  10. BallsDeep Says:

    SOTY right there. That 180 was a winner!

  11. YOLO Says:

    Nice to see CJ YOLOing right there

  12. glack Says:

    cj wellsmore and dom west is the best combination since adamjohnson and broskow

  13. Rodders Says:

    Absolutely cock splutteringly amazing awesome tricks, skater and edit.

  14. Del Boy Says:

    So sick. Want to see more of this fool in 2014.

  15. Goose Says:

    Went down well with my turkey and pigs in blankets.

    Showed it to my mum and she loved the 180.

    CJ is such a MILF snatcher.

  16. Ho ho ho Says:

    Love the way people went crazy after the 180!

  17. Phil Says:

    Xmas gift from CJ and Dom. Thanks!

  18. BallsDeep Says:

    @Anomymous: pretty sure Seba doesnt pay CJ a living wage.

    Would happily stand corrected.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    leaving remz was one of the best choice he has done

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Where is remz@ now?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    This is what rollerblading should be. Much better then the crappy SCUM skating. I may have to get a pair of Sebas and support.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Thank God this wasnt filmed on a pinhole camera

  23. Cali Says:

    Seems to be only one of the pros out there throwing massive gaps these days.

  24. digimon Says:

    effing spactacular!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    BEST IN WORLD! I’d love to see a match comp of CJ vs. Nils and Abrate abd Sizemorwe. Those are the top 4 skaters in the universe right now.

  26. Kato Says:

    I fucked up letting CJ and Franky go. No one buys Remz anymore.

  27. M. Says:

    Wow !
    So good, fat and stylish skating

  28. Alex Broskow Says:

    this guy has to learn how to skate smaller obstacles and hang out with gay people like I do. he might get hurt skating such large obstacles. this is rollerblafing not skateboarding. rollerblading is all about going small with style and being homosexual – right?


    Buying a pair of Sebas for Christmas.

  30. Jon Julio Says:

    CJ–the offer to join Valo is still open, but you will need to make the first move.

    AB’s tippy tappy skating is really beginning to piss me off.

  31. Jon Julio Says:

    Also my wife thinks you are hot and wants to visit you in Sydney.

  32. Chris Haffey Says:

    CJ–can you hook me up with a slot on the SEBA team and I will swing you onto the next Nitro Circus tour?

  33. haters Says:

    trust rollernews to be full of dickheads where even when something they like is posted, it’s used as an excuse to hate on other people. fuck off.

  34. Gary Fishbein Says:

    So, CJ… Can I get a handful of that dick? Because that’s what everyone else seems to want. Just to be dangling off your nut sack. Because after that edit, you are clearly the alpha-male of rollerblading.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    stop with stupid immature comments rollerblading. just enjoy it or move along.

  36. hans Hey Says:

    can’t believe there is even a trace of negativity in these comments..

    the level of skating in this edit was too damn high!

  37. Leon Says:

    WOW, great job CJ and DOM, this edit is unreal, one of the best edits EVER.

  38. Owl Says:


    Please need same edit with rian arnold.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    seba has money. seba pays there pros. they also send him where ever the fuck he wants with dope bags and a skate with his name on it.


  40. soul2roll Says:

    CJ is a beast!? So insane!? Another Haffey Level skater??

    Remz Skates would have been sick for him.

    Understand he needs money though.

    Cheers for this edit.

  41. Danielson Says:

    Can’t believe I’m about to say it, but CJ might just be the best in the world right now… Good for him… But I’m still not paying all that money for SEBA skates. You guys can if you want, but they won’t make you skate like him… Dude would be a killer on K-Mart blades with plastic wheels, so it is what it is. It’s almost pathetic that he could be so good as a little kid, quit for many years, and then come back to be the best there is.. But I’ll give repect to where it is due.

  42. Ronnie James Dickinson Says:

    Get the fuck out of here with dat 180. Are you serious?!? Megaman shit right there. This dude is going fucking huge.

    Not the only pro doing big gaps though. JBah, hate him if you must, is hucking some big shit.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    whats the deal with those strand tight shin pants, yep, said it, fuck off

    CJ is amazing

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty sweet. Some of that was crazy impressive. I hate though when people make these aggrandizing comments about “best in the world”. Everything is stunning at first, and it takes a minute to reflectively analyze the scenario. Either way, he’s a ridiculous talent. I’m not hating AT ALL on Wellsmore (it is not hating to say that he is ridiculously talented). I am more commenting on how silly we are as spectators. Franky is best in the world one week, then it is Richie, then it is Wellsmore, etc. then if they stop doing what we like, we call them faggots.

  45. Rob Says:

    That was massive! Although some camera shots could be better.

    180 over those huge stair set- got to see it few more times to realize how impossible that was.

  46. KLPJ Says:

    CJ, you’re the fucking man.

  47. Goonyone Says:

    Great googaly moogaly!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Just spooged all over the screen that was ridiculousl good with an egg on top.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    well deserved, nigga look like a bulky broskow lol

  50. Danielson Says:

    I don’t change my mind on who the best is often. I’ve changed my mind 3 times in over ten years… Aragon, then Haffey, and now Wellsmore… I hate it when people talk junk about my comments in the 3rd person. Feel free to say my name, if what I said bothers you. I never say things like “Best in the world” unless I thought about, looked at EVERYTHING that skater has been doing in the last while, compare it to what all the other top-level guys/girls are doing… AND THEN I make up my mind. Nobody has to agree that CJ is now the best, but it’s foolish to assume that I am some newbie grommet that changes his mind after every new vid… This honestly was top notch skating, and it’s pretty clear to me that CJ is pushing himself further than his peers. Merry Christmas .

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Best thing I’ve ever seen…brand new.nothing like it,ever

  52. connor g Says:

    ”then if they stop doing what we like, we call them faggots.” hahah rollerblading community in a nutshell….but honestly aragon will always be the best ever, people who say otherwise are like the same people who think jordan is on the same level as lebron lol

  53. aenimadoll Says:

    SIC SIC SIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING SICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. satx Says:

    Amazing and inspiring

  55. nigganoitall Says:

    that last half of the edit was fuckin bonkers

  56. Alex Broskow Says:

    ouch, CJ stuck his dick in my ass really hard. Pull it out please, it hurts to be butt fucked like that.


    Sorry mates, but Australia rules now, not France. Buy some Sebas and maybe you too can skate like the #1 rollerblader in the world Mr. CJ Wellsmore.

  58. Old School Says:

    this guy just shit all over the tippity tap pros. you can all suck his dick now. go learn to skate big and stop tapping curbs.

  59. Po Says:

    How it should be done. Lucky Dom West is around to pull this togethe

  60. Anonymous Says:

    While the jury is on who the best in the world is right now, to the outside eye, CJ is obviously the most impressive to watch. He goes fast, big and makes blading look like a lot of fun.

    Props to Dom West for the quality production.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Vine St 2 in the works?

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Rollernews would be vastly improved if it was split into high end content like this that has a longer shelflife and then another section for the more standard edits.

    This would benefit everybody.

  63. ninebar Says:

    Real deal stuff! at last rollerblading is taking a step forward and not a step sideways, its been stuck in a rut for a fair few years now, and now its moving forward again.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    “How silly we are as spectators. Franky is best in the world one week, then it is Richie, then it is Wellsmore, etc. then if they stop doing what we like, we call them faggots.”

  65. bladelife Says:

    AB and Haff been ther, done that many times in the past fkin fools. They paid ther hammer dues already to the industry most of ther life, both older now & moved on from that level.. but still getting dwn. Stop fkin expecting to see again what they have already conquered those days are OVER, welcome to the new era… Grow up and find other rollers like CJ to look up to, ITS 2014

  66. Skateboadeeeerr Says:

    Fuck you Dom West and Cj Wellsmore!
    Stop making rollerblading look so cool and original. Not fare!

  67. CHESHIRE Says:

    I LOVE CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Them sebas must be awesome for gaps.

    I’m a 30 year old man and I squeal like a little girl when I watch CJ skate!!

  69. Real Real LBC G Says:

    Anyone personally skate the new CJs yet ? Would love to get an honest review from the everyday roller.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    My friends got a pair and their ridiculously comfortable, I’ve not really skated in them though apart from a bit of tranny.

    Cj makes me proud to be a rollerblader!

  71. Graeme Wilson Says:

    NO NO NO NO NO! It can’t be!!!! That was so ridiculous!!

  72. Anonymous Says:

    How big was that 180! jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  73. Dis DIck Says:


  74. JT Fanfaron Says:

    Magnifique !

    Rien de plus à dire quant à un pro qui je pense inspire amateurs comme les autres pros.

  75. Ronnie James Dickinson Says:

    Anybody else wondering if the blading market really has the demand for a $600 pair of blades? I’d love to try a pair since they’re marketing these as the ultimate performance skate, but even if you get a boot-only, you’re still shelling out hella dough.

    Blading is a tiny sport, so I feel it’d be business-savvy for SEBA to also offer an entry-level skate. Let’s face it; that price tag is outside the price range for most bladers.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    An honest review about these skates haven’t been done yet.

  77. fun Says:

    cj wellsmore always looks like he is having fun while on his skates.
    I would also like to see a honest review on the sebas.
    cj for president!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Seba has the #1 skater in the world. Kids will buy these becasue they want to skate like CJ.

  79. BallsDeep Says:

    The skating was too athletic and the music was shit. Apart from that everything was okay.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    @BallsDeep you sir are a moron.

    @Danielson what you fail to realzie is that noone cares what you think

  81. BallsDeep Says:

    I simply don’t care for CJ’s skating. I know he’s technically good, but that doesn’t mean I like his style and I also didn’t think the edit was that good. The music was shit! Is it beyond your comprehension that someone else has different tastes, it would seem so! I think that makes you the moron!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    BallsDeep Says:
    December 25th, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    SOTY right there. That 180 was a winner!

    As I said above… YOU SIR ARE A MORON

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Who cares if you like the music or the way CJ skates – as a blader you can still respect that a sold edit showcasing some solid blading!

  84. BallsDeep Says:

    I agree, I can still appreciate the skating, but that’s about it. Doesn’t really excite or interest me watching him skate, unlike, say, Rian Arnold or Gav Drumm. Both of who are way more stylish and creative. CJ is a great ambassador for the sport in terms of showcasing to the outside world, but beyond that I just don’t see the value in what he does. An edit isn’t just the skating, the music, editing, and filming all play a big part in the overall feel. If you don’t think it’s important, then why do you think people just don’t simply release unedited footage without music? See how engaging that would be! Yeah, he’s a great skater, but I’m not overly excited by this.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    BallsDeep, fess up, you are really Nemo right?

  86. BallsDeep Says:

    It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is what I’m saying. I don’t need to qualify my views by revealing my identity.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa… last trick was a little bonkers. Also adore that huge ass late 180 gap earlier up!

  88. BallsDeep Says:

    @BallsDeep–quit foolin around on my username and giving me a bad rep.

    As i said earlier this edit is sick.

    The Real BallsDeep

  89. BallsDeep Says:


    I’m the real BallsDeep, you have hijacked my name with your low brow commentary. This edit is boring, the skating is good, but that’s it. Nothing special.

    – BallsDeep (official)

  90. WristDeep Says:

    Will the real BallsDeep please stand up?

  91. Mat Says:


  92. BallsDeep Says:

    I’m standing! – BallsDeep (official)

  93. Eklypse Says:

    Merry christmas & happy new year !

  94. BallsDeepinBallsDeepsAss Says:

    “I just dont see the value in what he does” -dallsbeep

    Me neither. Dude can barely 180.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Should have waited til Jan 1 to release this edit so we could all take 2014 off. This would be 2014 edit of the year for sure!

  96. pom Says:

    i suppose the taste of the edit overall wasnt really to my preference but actually that didnt matter because it professionally showcased the amazing talents of cj riding the seba skates and left an impression and yes i want to buy the skates now goddammit..

  97. BallsDeep Says:

    @BallsDeep you troll get out of my account.

  98. BallsDeep Says:

    @BallsDeep – Fuck you. I was here first, you’re a fucking idiot with nothing to say.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Some one should make a compilation of rollerblading gaps!

    Would love to see the biggest gaps in blading history!

  100. Anonymous Says:

    100 bitchessssssssssssssssssssssssssss so good

  101. BallsDeep Says:

    Yup Im Nemo.

    All other BallsDeeps are h@ters or f@kers.

  102. dah Says:

    Edit was awesome
    (GOAT edit talk needs to chill though)

    $600 isn’t that much for the primary expense of something you love. Get over your broke-ass self, Dick-in-son. Only dude I personally know with Sebas so far loves them.

  103. jimmy Says:

    Richie and CJ and Haffey, they are the best guys currently overall. there are a lot of good tech guys too, but these three are the full package: tech and stunt!