CJ Wellsmore & Friends: Sydney Clips

Old and New Footage! simply for the Homies.CJ Wellsmore.

CJ Wellsmore & Friends: Sydney Clips

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  • Diaz

    Some amazing tricks in there, true top porn switch was ridiculous !

    Dom West if you’re now back in Australia, please start filming for Vine St. II !!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Whos the dude at the end? He was sick!

  • http://cargocollective.com/groove Marcus

    It’s always a pleasure to watch CJ’s edits

  • Anonymous

    fuking 5 fifty out!!!!

  • Anonymous

    damn, Rians a beast

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the quality of the edits have been getting better since Dom West left Australia. They’re still far from the quality of his edits but definitely enjoyed them.

  • lollernews

    dom west is back baby with a beast of a lense. expect the real shit to start dropiiing faggotssss hahah

  • digbig

    rian arnold yes dawg

  • Ben Shelbourne

    Todays episode of Neighbours looks different

  • pom

    cj for prime minister!!! ryan arnold bam!

  • moldy tent

    dope edit, more Rian Arnold please

  • kboos

    Ryan Arnorld = Most stylish skater !!!

  • damn

    Rian Arnold!!! Why is he not featured in the Xsjado video? WHY???

    Dom West is back in Australia. That is some of the best news I’ve heard in a while. Best videographer in the game with the best dudes to film!!!!!! can’t wait for his edits/videos. maybe Richie needs to take a trip back to Oz as well. lol

  • seth

    reggie miller jersey!

  • Joe

    Rian Arnold, everybody! Xsjado, make him pro already

  • Dis Dick

    Nice good Rian Arnold for once damn, I thought he quit skating or something… Best style in rollerblading.

  • Anonymous

    always a pleasure to see rian arnold… more please !

  • Dis Dick

    Nice “seeing” Rian Arnold for once, damn… not sure how my first posted ended up like that. Obviously thinking one thing and typing another. Anyway, nice edit. We need a Vine St 2

  • ozzz

    hes not on xsjado any more

  • ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzstraya

    rumour has it he has been riding Valos.

  • Chris Pullar

    A clip of me axing my shin gets me random rollernews props on the Miller jersey, sweet! haha Well spotted Mr Seth.
    Sick job CJ & co!

  • dank ollins

    so sick. that true fish….damn man

  • google rider

    buttiful ! the name of the song please ???