Cirque Duh SOL EH? (2005, Full Video)

Lucky enough to exist in one of the most beautiful and diversely populated landscapes possible, There is a group of friends that are helplessly bound to one another because of a great idea. Wheels.

Attached to our feet. We have a lot to be thankful for and this is us saying thanks. Thanks to crazy people. Intolerance. Conformity and memories.

Think about rollerblading and friendship and then think about the people who truly believe that what they are doing is better.

Well, we’re different, and one of the things that separate us from them is knowing that when something’s gotta give, we’ve got to give. So this is us giving. All of us.

This is How to be Unpopular.

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  • Dog The shit fucker


  • Anonymous

    want nothing more than to be able to skate with these guys once or twice

  • Anonymous

    still the best video ever

  • Anonymous

    Was that Dustin Werbeski at like 10:40??


    Had type this as I’m watching, love all the mushroomblading related stuff and as funny as a lot of this is meant to be, it does have a lot of quality in production that most blade dvds don’t bother wth. That disclaimer song was genius.

  • TruePornPerv.

    Canadians are special people, in a down sydrom type of way lol
    awsome video !!!

  • Mike Eb.

    The videeo brings back good memories, memories of watching the video on dozens of occasions. HELLO

  • Anonymous

    still favorite video ever. love you all .. tod+joey=coolest fucking awesome

  • Anonymous

    best ViDeO .. i love this shit. marry me tod.. leave the cats. and your wife… and be mine

  • cubic

    Haha lots of laughs from this film. Classic

  • Dustin Jamieson

    Second video I ever purchased. No wonder I’m so fucked up.

  • Magister Ludi

    When he jumped out the class room!!!! LOL Tears bro!

  • GEO

    feel good movie! ;-)

  • Scoootsman

    Amazing have those kids got ADHD or what!? lol