Chris Olpin: Looking Back Edit

Chris Olpin: Looking Back Edit

This is footage from 98 up until 2012, over a decade of some of my favorite spots growing up skating. Dedicated to my beautiful wife & daughter.Chris Olpin.

Edited by Chris Olpin & Amber Olpin.

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26 Responses to “Chris Olpin: Looking Back Edit”

  1. E$ROCK Says:

    Hell yeah Chris, i remember the real ride days, the deshi days, and the not so long ago days. keep it up

  2. Pants Says:

    I don’t know what the footage of his family is doing here… It’s RN, not a freakin’ blog… And boring old skating is boring.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Pants, save your ignorance for somebody who cares.

    You obviously have no true history with rollerblading if this edit is ‘boring’ to you.

  4. oscar Says:

    haha pants u are so stupid :p Well the video was nice, he obviously did it for his family and as it has an interest in skating it’s on rollernews. if u can not understand that then u are a cunt.

    Nice edit

  5. seaboss Says:

    great edit :-)
    makes you realize that all of a sudden, no matter how good you are, that skating is not the most important thing out there :-)

  6. Dog The shit fucker Says:

    That was sooo sick!!! half of those tricks were mad as fuck and he looked like he was chilled out… one of the best edits i have seen by a long shot

  7. Rollerblader/family man/ pulling wool over sheepskin eyes Says:

    You have to include the fam in all circumstance,include the wife and kids then you can still skate when you want and mess about on your computer making edits instead of changing nappies,the missus give a smile and an arrrh thanks instead of get off your rollerblades how old are you do some chores haha nice edit keep rollin

  8. mousley Says:

    db…… vg…… classic. grandfather olpin u did this one the best. lucky dog, glad u r doin good/happy. lookin awesome family man! love, roll, life

  9. 70SAV Says:

    Simply awesome! I actually remember some pics of some of those tricks in DB. It was great to see you ripping the same spot years later, but all of the tricks were top notch no matter how old they were. I have a wife and 2 kids and can appreciate it fully bro. Wish I had all my old footie. Chris I wish you the best with your life, looks like you’re blessed. And “Pants” you’re a total douche.

  10. Ian Says:

    Amazing and actually it was a very touching lil edit :)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    my top 3 hottest rollerbladers
    1. chris olpin
    2. eric baily
    3. jon jon bolino

  12. mikearizonabl8 Says:

    most incredible skating I have seen in a long time, chris olpin in my opinion is one of the most underated rollerbladers out there, truly incredible, well rounded human being, after a decade of skating you can tell where he has defined his skating as a true professional. BIG PROPS chris

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I had to watch that video 6 times to comprehend most of those amazing tricks in his natural unatural vocabulary

  14. turtle ninja Says:

    Nice man! I didn’t knew this guy, but i’ve mad respect for the time he spent blading. This edit gave another vision of the sport, i’m glad I watched it. Keep it up

  15. meep Says:

    damn, tru fish perfect every time, olpin make a 2013 park edit, you know you can

  16. adziaNs Says:

    Very sentimental edit, cool! It’s reminds me when i was young and start my skate on rollerblading. Nice to watch, can someone write what the music start at 3:07???

  17. Anom Says:

    So fun to watch! SO GOOD!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    the song at 307 is by xx its called intro, super sick edit chris

  19. Chris Napoleon Says:

    grandpa SWASS up in this bitch!!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Please ignore all hate. Chris olpin is freaking good. Skate circles around this vet

  21. Geoff Hincks Says:

    Kids hating on Chris are probably pissed because Chris was doing tricks switch back in 1999 that these haters can’t do today. Chris truly has been one of the greatest talents this sport has ever seen, but sadly underrated.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Im with Geoff on this, sadly underrated with more talent then some of our top skaters out today, who have there own skate, wheel, or frame. he def has proved that even his skating in 90’s is well above par of whats being done today, much respect chris olpin

  23. Leon Clayton Says:

    I love Chris Olpin always and forever. His editing is just getting better and better. His skating is amazing and inspirational.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Epic edit. Such great talent from a nice family too.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    What is the first song please?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    first song is by edit it is called ltlp