Chris Olpin: An NDN Insight

cameron card & chris olpin
Photo (right) by Cameron Card.

How long have you been blading and how’d you get into it?

I have been blading since 95 and for an old man like me, that’s 16 years. I got into rollerblading through an old friend of mine Chad Potter, he had a cousin from Cali who was a pro vert skater, so every time Chad went out to Cali, he would skate with his cousin at Ventura Skatepark, he would come back home and show me the footage of them skating and that would just put me in awe on how badass rollerblading looked, so Chad ended up taking me with him to watch a NISS competition in Salt lake, I remember seeing Jaren Grob and Chris Edwards killin it and from that point on, i had to get me a pair of jams, which were the chocolates size 12, lol big old chocolate blades with some army pants to go along with it.

Every morning, were talkin 7 a.m. we set the camera turn up the boom box blastin to some Tupac, and practice flips onto a mattress with his 2 foot little homemade ramp, eventually we moved on from the mattress and took it to the sidewalk and decided to make a sponsor tape, to ride for Jnco jeans, lol when I look back at it now I think when Jnco watched the video they felt bad and sent us some pants and stickers for our efforts, but then we definitely thought we were team Jnco… Some good old days. […]

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  • Anonymous

    Utah produces a lotta inbreed looking rollerbladers. I’m guessing they need a larger genetic pool of Mormons.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. None of those guys are Mormon though.

  • Anonymous

    that shit was hella tight. was not expecting much but that was sick
    only question
    diid he have a pigtail and :39?

  • deubeul

    haven’t seen anything of him since vg20. great to see he still rolls.
    and its cool your dick still works.

  • Luke

    Good stuff! If you want to see more of Chris check out his EVOL section (thereĀ“s even a bonus part about his unfortunate “scarred-accident”). Loved the edit! Keep it up!

  • Beastmaster

    Don’t forget his section in Erik Bill’s video I WAS A CLOUD.

  • Riviera

    Can You give me name of that song?

  • PascalMR

    That was pretty sick, like the mood & tricks.

  • Anonymous

    that was fucking TIIIIIGGGHHHTTT..

    this dude used to have an afro’

    go rollerblading!

  • anthonyGALLEGOS

    CocoRosie!!! You’re awesome for using that song! Nice skating Chris!

  • spj

    Coco Rosie- Lemonade

    Chris’ blading has gotten so much more refined over the years. Can’t wait to see more from him!

  • 7

    remember his vg23 section. good skater.

  • nuge

    Hell yeah chris! good edit, you have come along way from PANTS ON DA GROUND!


    Great interview and great skating. I’ve always respected this guy. I can definitely relate to all the stuff he was saying about back in the day. I remember making those “sponsor me” tapes and rocking those Chocolates with some baggy ass Senate Ultra-wides or Eurofunk pants. haha! Great times.

  • Rachel

    what the fuck….