Chris Haffey: Taking out the trash (Nitro Circus)

Chris Haffey: Taking out the trash (Nitro Circus)

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Chris Haffey: Taking out the trash (Nitro Circus)

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  • scott

    cool.. a big name pro goes off a big jump holding a trash can.. im going back to sleep..

  • Anonymous

    And they called tiag kris gay

  • Taig Kris

    who is making rollerblading look bad?

  • Boost

    dose he get paid for that??? if you dont see him doing it with a cup, somethings trash. lol..

  • Anonymous

    I’m a garbage man on the back of a truck I just got off work and saw this… fucking awesome ! I need to try to run part of my route on my blades !!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha upload a video ^^

  • Anonymous


    Need I say more? Americans, gotta love em.

  • keepitluxurious

    This is a disgrace to blading. Fuck Nitro Circus!!! Chris Haffey is not a disgrace to blading, he is a pillar up holding our strength. He is a pyramid. It’s too bad that the motocross money he is making in order to survive and have a livelihood comes at the expense of our image..almost clownish. But, this is the perfect, ,most passive aggressive, sarcastic laugh in the face in the gay ass face of the monster energy extreme sports’s tongue in cheek and edgy as fuck to the dumb butthurt little blading community which is awesome btw!…Chris can do whatever the fuck he wants!

  • Yi YIiiiiii

    I clicked the facebook link to check out the overall response. In general, it looked like only grade A douche bags were talking shit about rollerblading. These asshats are everywhere, and, nevertheless, the overall response was positive.

  • Clemounet

    Don’t talk, just laugh.



    My comment is too short. This is funnier than X-Games mini.

  • r

    you all take yourselves/skating so seriously but are nobodies in our culture and have contributed little to nothing to start or perpetuate what we do. your opinions mean little yet your egos are huge. take your self images and “skating’s image” to the general public less seriously. noone’s looking except your friends anyway kids.

  • Anonymous

    Haffey is a legend, he can do whatever the hell he feels like on a pair of skates, if he wants to jump a mega ramp with a wheelie bin, go for it……so long as he comes out with another insane section in another video soon, im happy.
    kids, stop talking so much junk!

  • horst

    Why so serious ?