Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus Live, London

Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus Live, London

[…] For your info Chris Haffey’s trick list was as follows: Cork Parallel 900, Flatspin 540, 360 on a BMX to land on his skates (see vid below), pass-a-skateboard-to-a-bmxer-mid-air attempt, shopping trolley air, safety 360, double Flatspin 540 attempt, Fakie Zero-spin, double Flatspin 540 (landed) on the end of a train of BMXers.

Tonight was really real. Chris Haffey undoubtedly has done the greatest job of exposing rollerblading to a more mainstream audience.

I’ve no doubt kids will start skating as a direct result! It really felt like rollerblading was playing a major part in the whole show, not just a sideline event like we are used to. – Jake Eley.

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  • Questionquestion

    Remember how he “flamed” on taig chris, that european sell-out for representing our sport in such a non-delicat way!
    Now we’re the guys who jump over big ramps with shopping carts… or better you are…
    I even can’t jump over kickers that big – especialy not with a shopping cart, you need years of training to be able for such a flashy maneuver !

  • Taig Chris

    I appreciate you, beeing on my side now.

    thanks chris

  • Chris Haffey

    Jes, I made a mistake and realized it as such one.

    greetings chris.

  • Taig Chris

    Oh, just to mention it, i’m going to have a tour with a nice and highly talented group of outlaw gypsy- acrobats through the baltic-states and some parts of israel. If you wanna join us, we would be glad to have you onboard.

    peace out bro!

  • Anonymous

    It’s “Taig Khris”. you’re welcome PH Fan #1.

  • cuntfucker

    you cunts. This is amazing. He’s BMXing whilst on blades. If anything that makes BMXing look easier haha. Fair play to Haffey… I think this is great for our sport. Hopefully it will get more kids into it and want to start. Haffey and Lang are doing loads for us… you should be thankful.

    Once again, you dry cunts.

  • USD

    The new Taig Khris!
    Is he going to be on cereals box also?

  • Troller News

    Fucking hate this website!!!!!

  • PH Fan #1.

    What is a PH ?
    A Pig – Head ??

  • Kulapeti

    Troller News Says:
    December 4th, 2012 at 4:04 pm
    Fucking hate this website!!!!!

    And why?

  • Bladerganggggggg

    Gay fixed speed fag

  • Carlos “B@buL” Román – Puerto Rico

    FUCK ALL U Chris Haffey haters out there! Mereeeen CABRONES Haffey is god in Rollerblading! Think about it! This dude has killed EVERYTHING U can think that can be killed while blading so he is now and ambassador of our sport and way of life in front of thousands of people all over the world while gettin’ PAID! People top skaters will NOT stay at his prime their whole lives so they MUST do something to earn a living… Chris Haffey is blessed to have this kind of opportunity to expose our sport to the media… I think 75% of people that post shit here on Rollernews R some kind of moron! Jajaja! Before U write stupid shit well GROW UP first!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think people are hating on Haffey, perse. More pointing out the irony in himself hating on Thaig and then doing this. Any exposure’s exposure hey, so I’m pretty much down with whatever. Only reason (Thaig-hate), it seemed, is he lacks the finesse other rollers express when carrying out maneuvers.

    Seems to only serve the ‘adults’, ones who go “ohhhhh that’s gay”. A child will still look at any big jump whatever and think wow.

  • Troller News

    Theres no irony at all.

    Taig Kris attempted two stunts for $$$$$

    1. He dropped off the tower and fell flat onto his ass, wearing a tshirt with tmobile and playtex tampons logos slapped all over it.

    2. He did a superman front flip into a bag, again, wearing a tshirt with tmobile and playtex tampons logos slapped all over it.

    THAT is NOT how to represent blading. Thats called being a sell-out whore.

    Haffey is doing sick stunts in front of thousands of fans (not news cameras), and doing it a midst representatives from every other extreme sport and GETTING RESPECT for it!

    Thats the difference between Haffey and Taig.

    Haffey = Representing our sport proper.
    Taig = Whore.

  • chris

    He must be making some amount of cash

  • Anonymous

    well taig never landed any of his spectacle circus tricks

    no comparison

  • seven

    thank you ‘Troller News’

  • dayday

    not jus the city… the worrrrlld cregggg

  • Yi Yiiiiiiiiii

    Because red bull isn’t donating anything to this, right!

  • Braingame

    Taig we love you !!!!
    Here is some love sharing :
    How can someone hate on this ??