Chris Haffey & Jon Julio: Blading the Game, Park Edit

Chris Haffey & Jon Julio: Blading the Game

To promote the latest Blading the Game update (1.02), Jon Julio & Chris Haffey did a park edit, enjoy. If you play this IOS game, you have a chance to win a pair of skate, check this post.

Edited by Joey Graziano ; music: The Bangerz.

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  • U and your game suck


  • ummmm

    damn, haffeys still got it

  • Show some Respect!!

    Hey ignorant poster up top, why dont you have some respect kid?

    You should count your blessings that these two men are involved in this culture. Especially Jon Julio!

  • Anonymous

    wtf? ^ of course he’s still got it. He’s a fuckin machine. he’ll have “it” for another 15 years if he wants. He’ll just skate vert and shit then..

  • Blading the Game Fan

    fuck the haters! Game is so much fun, cant wait to set the high score

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    You know, I hated on the game when it came out, but it’s grown on me the more shit I’ve unlocked. I feel like some of the criticism was valid (I’d rather just have a free environment on two to skate rather than follow a linear level, and it is buggy) but it’s grown on me quite a bit.

  • Anonymous

    was surprises me more is that julio still got those really steezy tru top soys

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    ^^^ this too. I’m not surprised that Haffey’s skating is still damn impressive, but Julio is in his mid 30s and he’s busting out like a champ still.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the first time we have heard from Haffey since Bittercold? He needs more games of skate up!

  • MF

    Julio and Haffey… classic! Probably my two favorite skaters of all time. Still haven’t played the game yet but this has me motivated to learn that shit quick.

  • Rewind

    Haffey should ALWAYS skate in white skates. His steez increases 100% in them.


    Damn Julio is just as steezy as ever. Love watching these 2 skate.

  • satan

    haffey has completelylost his style and julio was doin easy tricks. and julio is a douchebag

  • flowskate

    ^ Fuck you Satan. Have some respect..And your wrong…and last trick..jesuus

  • flowskate

    + why is JJ a douchebag? Explain yourself jizz reticule.

  • Mr Right

    Wow as if Julio hasn’t suckered enough people into spending 3.99 on a half ass game. Now he wants everyone to pay an extra dollar to play as him hahahaha. This is so embarrassing. Ian chans flash game is 7 years old and it’s better than this amateur attempt at an app. DO NOT support VALO. Jon Julio is amazing at rollerblading and always will be and has done amazing things for our industry so It’s hard to hate on the guy, but when u build up almost 2 years of hype for a game that I feel I could I could program in less than a week. It’s a slap in the face from customers stand point. It’s been out for two months and still not one update and this is the first promo. Just let it die already or stop talking about big things

  • Mr. Wright

    Mr. Right,

    Lets see you program that shit in 2 weeks you fucking douchebag, if its that easy then you do it and make a game thats better than whats out there now. Shitty game or not, its all that blading has right now. All these people just like to talk shit becuase its easy to talk shit and do noting about it. Program a fucking blade game and see how long it takes you to do it, and make it better than whats out now

  • Name Not Required

    Mr Right Says:
    November 16th, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    “but when u build up almost 2 years of hype for a game that I feel I could I could program in less than a week. It’s a slap in the face from customers stand point. It’s been out for two months and still not one update and this is the first promo.”

    I want to see your game Mr. Right.

  • Mr. Right

    sorry guys, I’m bored and have nothing better to do than talk shit

  • Anonymous

    35 and top mistrialing down ledges with steeze. mind blowing!
    its obviously a chill park edit too! dunno bout you guys but i sneeze $3.99 in a second so it was definitely money well spend in my opinion.
    funny how no one has the balls to talk shit on jon without being anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    post name or your shit talk doesn’t count!

  • Blader GANG

    Yea yea, shit bout to go down we aint fucking around
    blader gang we out here smokin a pound
    pick any blader gang nigga character and get the highest score and you will recieve a dub sack of kush and a pack of swishers nigga! oh we aint done nigga you will also get a pair of jordan retro 5 limited edition blader gang yellow and gold. we OUT HERE!

  • kaspa

    another level on the game would of been nice

  • nixon

    Haffey’s last trick was truckin’ awesome!
    Fuck he’s such a good roller

  • kdfjlkjfd

    julio 15 or 30, it is the same tricks … true top soy, fish brain, true top soy, fishbrain, repeat the same again until death

  • Rob

    I love Julio’s fishy’s- they are one of the best out there.

  • DJ Skinny Kenny

    where the hell did the inspin fakie 5 top soul come from. I expected cab front sav haha trick is fucking nuts

  • The Dude

    I don’t like to play videogames but I bought the game anyway. Just happy to support a cool initiative like this.

  • Jack McConnell

    What place is this meant to be done on? city or construction? and is it in challenge or freeskate?!

  • Ronin

    I couldn’t care less about the game but the criticism against JJ are so ridiculous they are almost funny. JJ is synonimous of rollerblading. He has always been there since his part in Hoax 2. He still skates with great skills and managed to make a career in skating. Only a very short list of people have achieved that and JJ is probably the first that comes to mind.

  • Mary Hinge

    Wholio is the best skater to grace the face of this earth

  • Magister Ludi

    JJ’s Tru X grind was mean! & Chris is a beast, that top soul line was so clean. Truly Legendary.

  • Magister Ludi

    I stand in correction, Tru Top Soyale

  • Sneaky says

    JJ is synonimous of rollerblading. He has always been there since his part in Hoax 2.

    so if rollerblading sucks, and has sucked since Hoax 2, we have no one else to blame except Mr. “synonymous with rollerblading,” right?


    for being a chest to anyone that isn’t on your brand, and also for being a chest to kids that skate Valos and are better than 99% of your pro team, including you.

  • J

    Downloading the app now!

  • Anonymous

    will Julio take the money he’s making off this game and put it towards getting his frames right? hardware for the frames? getting the frames in stores so we can buy them? come on, i’ve been wanting to try a pair for quite some time now and they still haven’t made a large. it’s been far too long.

  • Alp

    4$ to support support blading, julo and play a rollerblading game dont sound bad. I lover rollerblading even if ony 1cent of that money goes for rollerblading its enough for me. I bet julo will use it in a good way !
    You kids talking shit should get a life .

  • the big pumper

    the game needs more hookers, julio shouldve put more hookers in the game.

    hookers 4life dog uhhhhhh

  • Dis Dick

    There needs to be a rule in place about rollerbladers speaking on camera. The rule is; Don’t. You all sound like a philistines. Haffey sounds especially dumb… I thinks it’s that Southern California thing.

  • Swagblader

    I’m going back to playing jet grind radio…. I mean , jet grind radio actually had swag. The way the skaters danced all the time and were chillin


  • TrU

    ^^ you mean Jet set radio??

  • very nice

    does anyone have a link to the old ganster ass flash game? I think it was on skatepile, like 5 years ago haha. seriously though, anybody?