Chris Haffey: B.L.A.D.E. with Chris Farmer

2011 Repost.

Chris Haffey Chris Farmer


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  • Rob

    Love that! lol especially how loud haffey is when he lands tricks he didn’t expect to get

  • A…

    hell yeah, good battle.. Haffey seems like such a good guy

  • timmy

    very entertaining, this sports feeling a little more like boarding :]

  • eh

    Ric fuck the young guns they don’t deserve next one should be riche eisler , franki , or broskow

  • Johann

    this made my day :)

  • Anonymous

    farmer doesn’t do neg grinds anymore you groms…. haffey down 0-2 look out. lol

  • Dann Jose C

    is haffey wearin os 4s?!

  • smokeymacpot

    why did haffey try 270 topsoul so many times?

  • A…

    because its switch and thats hard?

  • Dennis

    Great Game of B.L.A.D.E.
    It really kicks my ass!

    Next one should be JOSH LETONA!

    L STAR!

  • Kwan

    i think Farmer said he himself in the edit that he couldn’t land one… so Haffey keep trying to nail it knowing that Farmer wouldn’t land it.

    did i just make that up? tell me someone else heard Farmer say that

  • Simply

    Classic stuff man. This is what blading is all about: FUN.

  • freezin my nuts

    if he goes against montre that’d be fun to watch

  • Nice

    Keep them coming and I’ll keep watching

  • Ryan Roulston

    Best entertainment ever right there
    More please!
    Next has to be Broskow
    They can bail out of tricks so well im so gel

  • BUFU

    I cant believe it that this comment section hasnt recieved hate yet. It has been years since something like that happened :)

  • Liad Elbaz

    Chris farmer is sick!

  • blanko

    lost respect for the both you guys

  • Tökös

    This was so entertainig. I can’t stop smiling.
    Keep it coming! Next time Broskow, please!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    took me a while before i could get my brain wrapped around the switch part.. this is so fucking awesome! keep them comming!

  • Aron

    I guess haffey could`ve won if he didn`t try the 270 ts all the time?

  • Q

    the fact that Farmer can do all those tricks switch is fucking bonkers I mean the switch pud,switch tru nugen,switch tru fish,shit best edit in a long time on RN I want more

  • dyed red deshis

    I would love to see Haffey vs. Morales/Zamora/ McCleod/ Demetrios George/ Murda. pic one. they’re all oG legends.

    Then have the guys who beat haffey battle to see who’s best then place them into a finals match where it’s on Haffey’s turf and everything is natural.

  • Paul

    what everybody else said above.

    but why do you call that trick 270 topsoul? isn’t it supposed to be 360 or are we assuming he approaches the rail at an angle?

  • Anonymous

    I heard Trevor Johnson was going to play him for $1000 and he declined

  • Anonymous

    Haffey VS. Broskow… old school both wearing baggy clothes (IN ALL SERIOUSNESSSSS)!!! make it happen HAFFEY!!!

  • the man

    On the one hand its a shame Haffey lost but on the other at least he is no cheater and lost with honor. This is a great series, its almost as good to watch as when the IMYTA was on point.

  • geoffrey

    toward one of the anonymous.

    Its not about the money its about the fun and love of skating. And these B.L.A.D.E. games show just that. down to earth pros having fun with a little challenge.

  • Pat Leal

    I think there should be more competitions (or jam sessions*) incorporating this game of BLADE in heats or something like that… so entertaining, real and fun to watch…

  • Storm

    dude i they both killed it. i love farmers style and i think they did all switch so farmer couldnt do negative tricks and destroy haffey

  • donatto

    fucking love this! this was totally awesome ! great skating , man farmer made those tricks look so damn easy no lie lol .

  • Cata

    lost respect for the both you guys !
    o.O !

  • Cata

    pfff… I have copy paste a msg from above … stupid of me

    SO: *LOTS of respect for both of you guys !!!

    + I could not wipe the smile off my face the whole time. That was so fun to watch !

  • DarthRoller

    Shocked and disgusted at how good these guys can hit their switch tricks, in terms of consistency and steeze, particularly Farmer.

    Shit ain’t right. Hats off to them both.

  • kev

    this is what rollernews is about!! amazing!!!

  • Earl M Bryan

    “Jon Says:
    August 13th, 2011 at 8:31 am
    All that switch!!! I think Haffey so far has chosen spots tO the advantage of hus contenders. Farmer def wouldve killed Aragon on this rail too…..”

    he is correct

  • Dyed red deshi

    I would love to see haffey vs chris edwards on half pipe

  • Daniel Martins

    – Yeah..! fucking crazy..! hope the next are Alex broskow! Hell Yeah!!!

  • fuckin sick but

    he should play somebody new to the game like Corey Waikiki or Josiah blee.

  • Anonymous

    Haffy vs Victor Arias!