Chris Haffey: 666 Rail, Fake or Real? (2010)

2011 Repost.

chris haffey

Chris Haffey was featured on a “fake or real?” type of show on Pro Sieben (German TV).

They saw his infamous 666-rail clip on Youtube (originally from Lonnie Gallego’s video NOISE) and went all the way to Los Angeles so Chris could prove he could do it again.

A full translated transcript of the video is available here (check the description). Thanks Al Dolega & Meatlove.

666 Rail, Original Video

The 666 Rail by Chris Haffey and Robert Guerrero, from Lonnie Gallegos’ 2002 video NOISE.

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  • Gekzo

    chris haffey is always on top .. that was so so amazing He got the full control .. i mean if there’s a new video game of rollerblading chris haffey will get the 100% power and level DAAAMMMMN .

  • Krater (Poland)

    Haffey is The Best….

  • DarthRoller

    “He could’ve gone way longer too but he ran out of rail.”

    Don’t do that to my brain!!!!!!!

    He actually could as well! That’s horrifying!!!!!!!!!!!


    nothing about that video was fake atall its terrible that you people have nothing better to do, and then making him do it again!? thats insane he could actualy DIE doing that, what then? if that happened you single handidly Killed rollerblading, you feel good now ?

  • awes

    Fuck Deutsch, englishhh please

  • Martin

    “he could actualy DIE doing that, what then? if that happened you single handidly Killed rollerblading”

    …he could’ve died the first time too and he didn’t get half as much attention back then. Its a dangerous sport, get used to it :-)

  • pt

    Even if Heck-$ is joking about the Jordans (cough cough) I must point out that the Jordans were designed after the remz. Maybe you should go to a jordan site and joke with them insted!!

    Haffey is god!!

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Fricking brilliant! That must feel good to do it again after all these years:)-

  • Mac ita


  • Mac ita

    no body want to fuck with haffey, still being the best.
    Keep it real!!!!!!

  • Rafael

    Those ones who keep comparing rollerblading and skateboarding are just as stupid as the woman in the video ,that really pisses me off when I see an amazing trick like this and the next thing I see is someone saying “Duh… I wanna see a skateboarder do that”

    Do your own thing! Have fun and represent your sport the best way you can. you guys don’t need any other sport as a parameter,that’s just my opinion.


  • euro hustler

    james haffey dying on frontside lol i dont think soo mate

  • andrew conners

    taig chris would grind half of it and say he set a world record

  • eh

    after fall at the end

  • Yi YIiiiiiiii

    This fucking guy is single handedly saving rollerblading.

  • dyed red deshis

    you know the problem with this all is. we all know it’s real but people will constantly get us confused as long as we aren’t on tv in front of them. It’s a matter of outta sight, outta mind. I’ve done rails half that size before so I can only imagine how difficult that rail was especially with that death drop on the other side of the first turn. regardless. Haffey in true form constantly up to the challenge showed them it’s very real. Skateboarders need to photoshop their shit cause their weak as fuck. We simply do cause we can. oh and I’ve never seen a wood pusher go even 3 meters/9 ft. on shit. except half pipe doing a cheating ass rolling on wheels 50/50 grind.

    Give them tail slide and they go 2 ft. only. what a bunch of losers.

  • x Phaggott x

    I don’t see Taig Khris doing no sweet shit like this…. Haffey ftw.. AND HE LANDED IT!

  • Rafael

    @ dyed red deshis:

    I agree with you about people’s opinion,but you have just confirmed what I said before….”I need to be compared to a skateboarder so I can feel better about myself , cause I go bigger,I grind longer…. when you put it like that it just sounds stupid.

    I do both sports and I just don’t care wich one is better than the other ’cause I understand that they’re completelly different and each one offers me different sensations. I said it once and I will always say! do your own thing and do it for the love! I’m 26 years old and I don’t give a fuck about any kind of fight between skateboardes, rollerbladers,bikers,surfers,scooters rally car drivers or whatever. Leave the hate for the stupid childish internet kids.

  • dyed red deshis

    You’re one of the very rare people that skates. however if you skate long enough you’ll get into fights cause you have people that do stupid things.
    This stuff in all reality is truly stupid. This whole fight, cause at the end of the day it’s just a sport. However, the difference is, in the world of blading we’ve actually lost people due to them getting jumped by skateboarders and we’ve also lost a ton of money due to their ignorance which fuels the hatred.

  • dyed red deshis

    BTW Congrats on being able to do both. I’ve seen this footage many times never saw the part of Rob G. until now. super sick

  • rw

    as seen on…com

  • tru


  • gazmos

    @dyed red deshis- I remember dealing with all of the hostility back in the 90’s shit was ridiculous but I think it needed to happen. Back then the rollerblading scene was filled with Taig Khris’s. People were landed sketchy tricks and expecting praise for it. That’s basically all I remember seeing on TV and when I go out rollerblading, I still say I’m going out to skate. So people would always compare our sport to skateboarding and the sketchy half assed tricks blasted all over television made rollerblading the weaker sport. I think breaking off and doing our own thing with WRS is the seed that needed to be planted. We’re finally separated from all things skateboarding associated and, so far, the response has been decent and getting better. We’re starting to get more big money events and doing comps on shit made for rollerblading by rollerbladers. So now the industry can show what we’re truly made of and it’s a hell of a lot more than sketchy as airs to butt slides.

  • traducer

    FUK YOU AND YOUR SKATEBOARDING NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. And just because you do both doesn’t mean shit. Skateboarding will always be mainstream and kids will always carry a skateboard around and think they are cool. Fuck Bam fuk tony hawk fuk SHAWN ROBERTSON AND HIS STUPID TARGET CLOTHING LINE. FUK ANY SKATEBOARDING TOY I’VE SEEN EVER. I bet when people find out you blade your quick to say “oh but i skateboard too” so that makes you really fucking cool. On another note chris haffey is a beast and this rules. P.S. get a fuking life dyed red deshis I’m sick of hearing your face

  • haters suck

    people just trying to shut haffey down because hes doing so well.

  • Anonymous

    No one seems to be commenting on how unlikely it is that Haffey just happened to be at the skatepark at the time when they went to ask people about the video. Seems FAKE!!!

  • A…

    yeah red deshi is one of those people that has to open his mouth no matter what.

  • @ Gazmos

    You said it all!

    and for “traducer” , that really hurts me …..some random kid told me to fuck skateboarding… i’m really considering killing myself for that……

  • Hello

    That was a sweet frontside.

  • Anonymous

    lol I showed that to my sister and she thought it was fake until I switch to his drip drop section…