Chris Haffey: 4×4 Leading the Blind, Alternative Edit

Chris Haffey: 4x4 Leading the Blind, Alternative Edit

This is the alternative edit Chris Haffey bonus section from the first 4×4 Team Video Leading the Blind by Pat Lennen & Jan Welch.

Previously: Pat Lennen 4×4, Leading the Blind Section.

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  • Anonymous

    god damn, thank god that godawful music wasnt used in the final video. god almighty its bad.

    couple of different tricks in there though!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Haffey is a thug!

  • Anonymous

    fakie 720 at el toro is legendary

  • Anonymous

    ice mortherfucking crazy, not lazy, crazy!

  • Anonymous

    BOOM! thats how you make a blading edit!

  • Anonymous

    this edit is still fuckin awesome

  • andrew conners

    not an edit it is a profile.

  • Blader

    Rollerbladers on bigger clothes looked a lot better. It kinda gave us Identity, you could tell we were different.

    Anyways, haffey is god

  • nick

    cab disaster i wanna tru savannah to i dont got it back royale

  • Paul

    Haffey is boss for all time

  • cash

    Best in the world

  • Danielson

    Gaddamn…. Just legendary. He deserves so much more money than he makes. I”ll start paying him just to skate with me (and make me look grom)

  • Will

    O..M..G…. *eyes melt*

  • Danny C.

    AND it looked so much nicer!
    “cab disaster i wanna tru savannah to i dont got it back royale”