Chris Haffey: 2feet Profile by Lonnie Gallegos (2006)

July 2011 Repost + Rehost.
By Lonnie Gallegos (Tumblr), produced by Black Fabric.

Chris Haffey: 2feet Profile by Lonnie Gallegos (2006)

2feet, a rolling video featuring Chris Haffey, Robert Guerrero, Matt Moya, Ben Schwab, Michael Obedoza.

Music: The Gossip – Fire Sign. 240p mirror.
Feet 1 by Lonnie Francisco Gallegos (2005): More Media.

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  • Yi YIIiiiiii

    Video quality has come a long way in five years.

  • rollerblading is gay

    ^you cant base video quality off of that vid.

    is the whole video online anywhere? i lost the dvd when i moved

  • DarthRoller

    It seems really strange how different this seemed to vids in 2002-2004, which was only 2-4 years before-hand, like, light years of difference, yet this is FIVE years ago.

    Post-sweats time seems to have whizzed by for reasons I can’t understand.

    Stupidly sick section from Haffey, as always.

  • Yi YIIiiiiii

    Let me clarify I am not commenting on the quality of skating; just the video quality. It really caught me off guard that something seemingly so recent looked so old. However, maybe the upload made it look a lot more choppy than the actual dvd.

  • Anonymous

    great section from a great vid

  • jimmy

    Damn we need some more Chris Haffeys in this sport.

    Dude’s a MONSTER

    fuck everyone else

  • uncle ruckus

    one of my favorite videos of all time. awesome track list too. haffey for Pres. and the yellow rail rob g laces in the beginning of his section, in the rain, is beast.

  • Marcus

    Dude’s a MONSTER (x2)


  • Ito

    There needs to be a “Best of Chris Haffey” video.

  • switzerland

    True badass Mr.Haffey! You’re a hero!

  • Anonymous

    champion of the world

    enough said.

  • Dan-Man

    2 bad cali spots are 4 skateboarders JK beast master!

  • justin bailey

    So fucking good. Way to good.

  • Team Bro !

    Is it sad that this video is like 5 years old yet BETTER than most of the videos we have today ?

  • Team Bro whoa

    This part is actually 8 years old & was shot 9-10 years ago.

  • Haffey is God

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • mr dope

    “BETTER than most of the videos we have today ?”i actually didn’t see anything better than this.Even CJ and Nils can’t fuck with Haffey

  • Jay

    Feet and 2 Feet were so good…Thumbs way up for Lonnie & Friends

  • Ralph

    We are truly blessed to have Haffey.
    I raise a toast! To Chris Haffey and ALL his boss sections since VG20.

    Whose sections did you enjoy watching on dvd: younger Broskow or younger Haffey?
    Like in Straight Jackit, whose section did you appreciate the most, Haffey or Broskow and why?

  • Jay

    @Ralph I would say Broskow when I was coming up…cause Broskow did amazing tricks that seemed more practical to try even If I couldn’t do it and still to this day I can add part of a trick that Broskow does and make me feel better Chris Haffey did a lot of shit that I would think If I try that I might actually die doing that…and again even in this day I still feel I would die trying that…Megaramp flips for the Nitro Circus crowd is still really nuts

  • Anthony

    Chris is a legend!! 1:24 champion baumstimler inspired?