Chris Farmer: Too Much Love 2, Section (2009)

October 4th, 2011 – Repost.

Chris Farmer Too Much Love 2

Youtube Mirror | Song: The Joneses – Chip Away at the stone.
Too Much Love: More Media.

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  • Rafael


  • Mother. Fucker.

    Chris could wear a gimp suit and a dildo hat and I would still play the video at my wedding. What a beast.

  • Mother. Fucker.

    Oh, and he’d have to skate, but only one trick

  • Mother. Fucker.

    Someone should definitely start a fund for him though, by the time hes 50 he is going to need mechanical movement assistance, hes going to be fucked.

  • cmo

    Man Farmer is my fave skate of all time i think. He’s been solid for years. So stylish, and very creative, and skates with so much confidence.

    Also how the fuck do you go about grinding stuff that’s as high as your face?!!? I’ll never understand that.

  • Anonymous

    The legend continues

  • JNeil

    Sometimes you come home from work, click on the ol computer and you watch a section and its really fucking cool. Good tricks, fun music, just makes you wanna blade. Then you watch a section like this and say oh I just watch one of the best sections of all time. Fucking instant classic.

  • Anonymous

    farmer is the king of the street

    farmer has never had a bad section

    even when farmer takes a bath wtih candles he’s better than you

  • snuggles

    dude looks like ashlee simpson

  • Anonymous

    Dont like his style but this guy is a genius of rollerblading.

  • krazyesko

    at 1:03 is that a G-string ?

  • Mother. Fucker.

    hahahaha. probably.