Chris Farmer: Too Much Love 2, Section (2009)

October 4th, 2011 – Repost.

Chris Farmer Too Much Love 2

Youtube Mirror | Song: The Joneses – Chip Away at the stone.
Too Much Love: More Media.

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62 Responses to “Chris Farmer: Too Much Love 2, Section (2009)”

  1. DarthRoller Says:

    Chris Farmer in continues to defy the laws of rollerblading shocker.

    Seriously, the guy can do pretty much everything. Negatives, switch everything on rails, rolling obstacles that nobody else can, jumping through tiny holes, ridiculous cess slides, alley-oop tea kettles, making the 540 kindgrind one of the most popular tricks ever.

    Literally the only thing we haven’t seen him do is flips. Would also like to see him gap more.

    The guy is a relentless murder machine.

  2. Themanwhoisalwaysright. Says:

    haha it’s so funny, he battles everbody and he is still not happy about a lot of tricks.. for example the last trick, you see his face like fuck that man it was stupid, but for us it was so fucking awesome…..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Chris is a fucking bot from the future. A killing machine. FUCk

  4. Anonymous Says:

    one things for sure…. hes not human!

  5. Neurosis Says:

    I love this guys attitude. I don’t know how well he is doing besides the sport. But when you watch interviews with him and see him do all these tricks and then react I have nothing but respect for a person that is so possitive. HE seems to be very calm and chill and everytime I see footage of him he’s always happy. When I saw the interview he did with ONE I was blown away with how nice he is. Dude does his thing, is obviously happy and this sort of happiness is contagious. HEad on Farmer!

  6. Rob Says:

    That’s Chris Farmer, nothing more to add..

  7. A Says:

    He is way more tech here than accidental machines, meantime etc but i prefere those sections more. part of me just cant get past the way he looks

  8. Anonymous Says:

    why do lots of clips look distorted and wavy??

  9. kboos Says:

    best rollerblader EVER

  10. Trill Bill Says:

    Easily one of my favorite skaters to watch. That last trick did seem to get him pretty pissed… And he hit it with mad speed too… Maybe he needed more wax.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    if you have any negative comments about this section…..

    your retarded

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ´´why do lots of clips look distorted and wavy??´´

    They should have deinterlaced the clip. Can´t watch this shit.

    Skating was good though, but i´v seen better sections of him. A lot of tricks were sketchy with no controll over his arms.

  13. smoker Says:

    ….with no controll over his arms.

    tell me where??

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Oke i looked wrong. It was only one or two tricks… Most tricks were clean

  15. fd Says:

    Terrible, terrible editing and filming. The Farm deserves better.

  16. Brandon Says:

    Easily my favorite Farmer section.

  17. Maxime Lanthier Says:

    Murder. Damn it’s soo good!

  18. Will Says:

    OMFG! The best on the Planet! No spin to win just difficult tricks on spots that don’t even look do-able… And I’m getting used to the clothes. When you blade like something out of an anime, then you could wear whatever the hell you want and it just looks cooler. So I sounded like a total geek, thats what his skating does to me Lol. amazing stuff.

  19. Leave a Reply Says:

    The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    this is chris farmer when he’s not trying hahaha

    greatest street blader ever

  21. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Wow. Launch to top acid was ridiculous. Seriously the most creative technically skilled roller in the world.

  22. friend Says:

    People are going to cry about this but sorry hes one of the best grinders creative and one of the greats but not the best street blader or best blader of all time next to haffey aragon because he said himself he cant jump large gaps. That being said hes one of my favorite bladers to watch.

  23. :) Says:

    Great but he still looks like a trannie

  24. Anonymous Says:

    is this guy sponsored? he should get his own skate.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    i can think of alot of ppl that are better than farmer sry fanboys. but none the less this was still an ok edit.

  26. lol Says:

    love the trannie comment LOL
    but I guess when you are the best or one of the best ever, then you can do whatever you want :)

  27. bill hedrick Says:

    @ anonymous ….. who can u think of that is better than farmer??

    and name a lot since u said u can think of a lot

  28. jeff T Says:

    HE DOES LOOK LIKE A TRANNIE! you so right :) . there is no questiont of his amazing skill. but I am embarised to show anyone outside blading. he look like a middle school fool. or and adult…. a Fag… a Fag adult. but still very good at skating. A good fag skater… can’t win them all, better than all the suckie fags

  29. Alex Says:

    GOAT! Never a doubt in my mind. He has done everything. He has no peak in his career as a pro skater. He’s just consistently good. The only thing I doubt is that he’s the best park skater. We might just label him best street skater EVER.

  30. Unknown Says:

    Not the GOAT! Farmer can’t jump stairs. It’s really his ony weakness. He has done everything EXCEPT jump gaps. When has he 540ed a 11 stair or larger? Fakie 720 something larger then a 6 stair? Farmer has never done gaps. He 180ed off a dumpster in saltless water when he was 10, 180ed that smallish gap in words which he fell on bad in the falls, fakie 5 then 5 that small gap into parking garage in accidental machines. Maybe it’s because of his height?

  31. portugeses tupac Says:

    Damn this foolio is a strilaight demon, bluck bluck, soowioop, braap braap, bookoo. C-house. Swag wit blouse steez

  32. Anonymous Says:

    maybe youre the faggot, Jeff T.

  33. ns Says:

    back he was still part human haha fucking sick!

  34. PiRi Says:

    Thats the way to shut the haters up, Farmer.

    Not only ne virtually invented the 360/540 topside grinds 10 years ago, but he is waaaaay too good at switch grinds…speechless. And his ao top soul is to him what makio is to most people.

  35. Pom West Says:

    Did this video come out before de-interlacing was invented? wtf.
    Skating is beastmode.

  36. max Says:

    i prefered the 2005 style :(

  37. Spen Says:

    What just happened!?!? I was left shaking my head questioning that was possible. If you think you’re good at rollerblading…youre not…Chris Farmer is!

  38. Not required Says:

    Man this Lesbian Witch is fucking good.



  40. A Says:

    agree with max but it was still sick

  41. obv_broke Says:

    @pom west: do you suggest running the video into vlc with the de-interlacing option ?

    i would give a shot.

  42. booya Says:

    Aye, if Chris Farmer Farts in a bag and sells the scent, I would buy it just to smell it, so I can be an alien just like him, not human. fart, scent, wtf?

  43. Doug Cupo Says:

    Rollerblading wouldn’t be the same without Chris Farmer…he really is a fucking rockstar! I met Chris at the NYC Invite and bought “Regardless” from him and he was a really chill, nice dude that has a true passion for blading and music. FARMER4EVER

  44. Dude. Says:

    That was alright, don’t know what all the fuss is about.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    “i prefered the 2005 style”

    same style just cleaner

  46. yahmon Says:

    hez good no doubt but i cant stand that transvestite style

  47. Chad Anthony Says:


  48. A Says:

    max Says:

    October 5th, 2011 at 11:20 am
    i prefered the 2005 style :(

    i agree – im a huge farmer fan but there were only about 10 tricks that really impressed me.

  49. Leave a Reply Says:

    The best! Regardless of all your homophobe comments. Dudes got more pro skates then all ya’ll ever will. He would murder any one of you chumps on any object. No one has brought so much creativity to the rolling world as Farmer.

    I swear, Rollerbladers are fuckin losers. Maybe the dumbest people involved in action sports. Rodney Mullen……a skateboarding legend must suck since he doesn’t to gaps. That’s pretty much what you shit talking losers are saying.

    To each their own you dumb fucks. Quit criticizing and learn how to be original and do what you want.

  50. Trill Bill Says:

    They don’t get what creating your own path is all about. Farmer has changed the way I view skating over all just because the way he attacks his obstacles, is much different than I would. And is trick selection is interesting to watch too.

    I’m not saying go out and skate goofy stuff to be weird or different, but I’m not saying not to do it. Everyone should do what works for them, and Chris apparently does that.

    Some people don’t like his rocker style, without the assumed rocker attitude.

    Chris kills it though, and has a great unique style.

  51. Rafael Says:


  52. Mother. Fucker. Says:

    Chris could wear a gimp suit and a dildo hat and I would still play the video at my wedding. What a beast.

  53. Mother. Fucker. Says:

    Oh, and he’d have to skate, but only one trick

  54. Mother. Fucker. Says:

    Someone should definitely start a fund for him though, by the time hes 50 he is going to need mechanical movement assistance, hes going to be fucked.

  55. cmo Says:

    Man Farmer is my fave skate of all time i think. He’s been solid for years. So stylish, and very creative, and skates with so much confidence.

    Also how the fuck do you go about grinding stuff that’s as high as your face?!!? I’ll never understand that.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    The legend continues

  57. JNeil Says:

    Sometimes you come home from work, click on the ol computer and you watch a section and its really fucking cool. Good tricks, fun music, just makes you wanna blade. Then you watch a section like this and say oh I just watch one of the best sections of all time. Fucking instant classic.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    farmer is the king of the street

    farmer has never had a bad section

    even when farmer takes a bath wtih candles he’s better than you

  59. snuggles Says:

    dude looks like ashlee simpson

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Dont like his style but this guy is a genius of rollerblading.

  61. krazyesko Says:

    at 1:03 is that a G-string ?

  62. Mother. Fucker. Says:

    hahahaha. probably.