Chris Farmer: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson

Flashback: Chris Farmer‘s Profile from Pariah, filmed over the course of 8 weeks in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Portland and Las Vegas.

Chris Farmer: Profile from PARIAH by Adam Johnson

Song: Death – Keep On Knocking. Visit

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  • OG

    how can you say anything bad about this section? farmer is like 60 and still raping all of your faces… you kids are going to face a harsh reality someday when you grow up and realize youre all shitbags

  • systron massive

    i think farmer is taking the joke too far now, amy winehouse is dead and cant defend herself so leave her alone.

  • the worst dressed man on earth

    incredible skating shame he looks like a tit

  • Adam Johnson

    Thanks Ben, haven’t heard of you yet… keep working at skating and maybe someday we can make fun of you… but I doubt it. I would rather have 20+ flops under my belt and a head full of wonderful experiences with great people than a heart full of hate. Cyabye.

    BTW, half a million views on a 2 year old rollerblading youtube account is pretty good for 5% of my catalogue of “flops”

  • Anonymous

    His jeans are so tight I can tell his religion

  • Anonymous

    His skating is stale. He looks terrible and will have to consume more drugs to be more creative. Sucks he will have nothing after skating just like broskow.

  • Anonymous

    Chris you skate way too slow.

  • Anonymous

    this section was a little underwhelming the first i saw it because of the hype I suppose. but dude kills it. kcmo for example and all those “winter olympics” clips!!! KCMO section was a beut. This video is still pretty killer props to the AJ

  • Anonymous

    oh and dude skate mock 10

  • Anonymous

    GOAT ! Sick as fuck :) Next level and set the bar for generations.

  • Anonymous

    Gayest rollerblader ever? I think so.

  • Anonymous

    Sloppy skating, showing his age. We need to get rid of these old fucking dinosaur skaters and concentrate on young bloods. Rollerblading is the only extreme sport that promotes gay assholes who can’t even walk anymore.

  • Beau Cottington

    Insane level of tricks but Chris stop trying to kiss me when you’re drunk lol!! Love ya boy