Chris Esposito: Thirty Years Young

Chris Esposito: Thirty Years Young

Chris Esposito is a born steezer! From Nebraska to Philly and back to New Jersey, he is consider a legend from many locals in these areas.

Mr. Esposito is a machine, but this machine also has two kids, full time job and other life obligations. Whenever he gets the chance, he loves to flaunt his amazing vocab and immaculate style.

Be sure to look out for Chris appearing in this years second annual “EFNY” Tour presented by SLDean & Fabiano Studios.

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  • TrU

    nice tricks good style

    30 years old keep it up man

  • jonnyc


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  • Anonymous

    why is it that all these NY guys have such shitty ink?

  • psykoesis

    Good to see you up here “BEAR HAIR”…still jocking the USDs too!

  • Dom

    That’s that shit right there

  • Dis Dick

    Fantastic looking skate set-up.

  • SteeZ

    This dude is Super-tight!!

  • sick

    those are some damn sick skates! good blading also!

  • Anonymous

    stole craig parsons thunder with that line there

  • Joshua Boyer

    What’s up with them soul plates on them thrones? I’ve never seen them before

  • Scott Malkinson

    why does everyone get hard for skaters if they are 30+ just cause they can still do a royalle?
    Aragon is like 29 this year and is still getting better and better..
    30 isnt old? i dont get it?.. come back when your 40..