Chris Esposito: Scribe, The Lost Support Files (OG)

Chris is an unknown legend. He has been skating for nearly 18 years and has more passion for this sport and industry then a majority of the rollerbladers skating today.

He is almost 30 years old, with 2 children and works 60 hours a week for Ecko. Chris has the steeze and vocab that most rollerbladers dream of having. If he skated every single day, he would be a house-hold name.

This footage was all filmed in 2010 into the 2011 winter. It was put in a hard-drive and forgotten about, until now. We wanted to help show what Chris was capable of even though he doesn’t get the time to hit the real streets that much.

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Fabiano.


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  • Karl af Sweden

    Keep up the skating man! i´

  • Danny Castillo

    Im feeling it. Loved the acids.

  • Kelly Psykoesis

    It’s about time Chris, go out there and get MOAR!!!

  • http://deleted Anton 972 Yehuda

    yo nise solid stile dok ! i liked it

  • Anonymous

    fuck. walride far side true sole was fucking amazing.


  • paul

    sick and creative

  • Yea OG

    We need more 30+ year old bladers being exposed in the game. Companies need to stop targeting the next 15 year old wonder and start focissung on the veterans.


  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Hell yeah! Props to a fellow veteran!

  • Big Blaze

    This dude is a certified gangster. This is the kind of skating (look and style) that will attract people to rollerblading. New people aren’t gonna start rollerblading if they have to hang out with a group of ferry-boys that look like (the current) Chris farmer. #stopwonderingwhynobodyskates

  • Marc Clune

    ESPO kills shit dead. shitts real

  • willem

    Chris that shit was GOOD! Indeed certified gangster (bigblaze). Now bring more Ecko to this game and you will be one of my heroes.. Peace Willem (30 next year, but only working 24 hours a week and skating every day) not to make you jellous…

  • http://a a

    this guy needs to get off celph titleds dick