Chosen Few: The Crew Edit

I made this edit a long time ago. This footage is anywhere from 1 to 5 years old but how old or new the footage is, is unimportant.

This is just 3 friends skating. We all look at skating differently but everyday we all go out trying to progress. Sitting here 4 days post shoulder surgery I still say this is the best way to skate for me but I certainly wouldn’t say this is safest way to rollerblade.

For our past, present and foreseeable future we’re not trying to make rollerblading look like a safe sport because it isn’t. We’re just skating the way each of us love to skate and that may change as time goes on.

But the most important thing in the end of the day is we’re all having fun. So as always make sure you have fun too!

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  • firth

    hands down this is better than anything i’ve seen all year

  • laf

    quinn does such scary tricks, so good

  • Witalis Made in Poland

    only 1 comment on this?

    That was ….. well

    I’m trying to find propoer words to describe the tricks.
    Maybe,… very difficult !?

  • EricDalnas

    How are there only 2 comments on this! Almost every trick is sick. Best edit up here in a while.

  • Anonymous

    run over at 5min?

  • Adobo Goya

    Hammerville!!!! Siiiiiiick!!!!

  • gazmos

    Hammerville indeed!!!

  • “NACHO”

    quin u fucking get down dawg some of those clips were so fire yo..good edit all together i really enjoyed it

  • JulianCoulter

    amazing tricks.

  • Urbn^nja

    That Disaster hurricane Topsoul down the rail was so ill i rewinded it about 10 times… AMG…

  • holler

    THAT IS HOW SKATING SHOULD BE. FUCK yes…that was incredible. these dudes are way too good.

  • Anonymous

    Dat shit old as hell. Y’all need to get with the motherfukin times. Y’all be lookin like some bitch nig chumps who just be trowin dem self down some mo fukin stairs. Y’all some chumps. Kill yo self.

  • Anonymous

    really freakin good! but why quinn doesnt skate anymore?

  • darek

    things that look scary and harmful to you look like fun to other people i enjoy a good fakie toe roll just as much as a 20 set 540 or a huge disaster i think it would be cool to see more of the middle ground in videos huge stunts and technical tricks. if you ever watch edits of colin kelso his style has a really great mix of big stuff and little stuff
    big stuffs the best though more people should try to skate bigger stuff

  • pcyc

    bang! i wish it was longer , but to get so many good tricks is a lot of work so respect for all shown.

    cant touch this…
    hammer time :D

  • Yobad

    McLeod skates like a really steezy frog, damn, amazing

  • Fred Castro

    Bravo! that´s all I gotta say!

  • Justin

    Oh my goodness gracious quinn

  • pedro

    sick as pigeon pie

  • yeh nugga

    any one know the tune?