Chosen Few, NYC Street Comp: One Day NY, Edit

Chosen Few, NYC Street Comp: One Day NY

quoting One Day NY:

I was fortunate to attend and capture a bunch of fun times at the ACF comp that went down this past week. It was definitely a better turn out than most expected.

Despite being kicked out from two spots (one being the second round stadium down rails in Staten), we were still able to have fun and make it work.

This edit covers a third of the first round, all the way to the last round which was all captured on Staten Island.

As you may have already seen in other edits covering this competition, most of the first round went down in Manhattan at Battery Park before getting kicked out. Unlucky for me because I had gotten there literally three tricks before getting the boot from the parks department. None the less, we still got some good moments on camera. […]

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  • John Dillingham

    Great editing and I think what I like best about this edit is how many unknowns there are that are just fucking layin down tricks left and right with ease. I always enjoy NY edits…

  • gayswaggers

    Great editing (colors etc),,but i guess nobody has a clue how to skate handrails,,note to self: dont watch edits from NYC!!

  • Samuria Champloo

    Whats the first song please and what happened to the guy?

  • dirty adnon

    chris murphy is a fucking second jeff dalnas

  • Victor Vizcaino

    You’re an idiot… its not that the dudes in the comp couldnt kill handrails… its that the spot wasnt too conducive for line skating. Once you gap the steps or grind the first rail you’re going so fast and jumping onto such a short rail.

  • Optics Compensation

    Please go to Effects – Distort – Optics compensation in after effects and remove that NASTY black vignetting from your video and it´s all good… gosh, such a simple filter and NO ONE in blading uses it! Go back to video editing basics for crying out loud!

  • Don’t care to

    It was left there on purpose. If you don’t like it, don’t waste your time watching.

  • Wowzers

    WOW, whoever edited that needs to understand just one simple thing: NO ONE WANTS TO SEE SKETCHY ASS LANDINGS & UN LANDED TRICKS IN 75% OF THE EDIT.

    I feel bad for those in that edit cause the editor made them look sloppy, uncoordinated, and plain crap. I don’t care how fast the run up was, I know Franco Cammayo would not have made that shit look sloppy. NYC PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR EDITING IF NOT YOUR SKATING …. GOD DAMN!!!

  • David Toro

    LOL Cool story bro

  • Anonymous

    Great job on the edit, was intense and kept things real.

    To the guy hating on ODNY showing all unlanded and sketchy tricks aswell, how could you cover a competition and not show everything that went down? Unless you’re making a highlight only edit this is the way to go.

    Props to all the skaters for killing it, specially on the last spot. Looked like a bitch to line up tricks on those rails and everyone still killed it time after time!


    ODNY is taking over! U mad bro?

  • Chance Bentley

    That nigga Jose has gotten way better..big ups from Ohio to NY

  • MuppetFromBeMag

    NYC skaters have 0 style. All these gully hoodrat blokes lookin hella sloppy.

  • DJ Drama

    Nice…love the vibe man…I heart Ny!

  • DaX

    Grreat Edit like always from ODNY. Big up my man Chris Murphy! Long Island!!! Wut!!!

  • Wowzers

    How in the hell was that a “great” edit, ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND?????????? Half the tricks weren’t even landed WTF??????????????

    Are you people in denial???????????

  • Brandon “Rosko” P.

    Good shit from ODNY. Wish we had spots like the ones all the haters on here have. NY is so damn real that we make the best of the bullshit we have here to skate… Chance your skating is getting better toooo!

  • Anonymous

    weak sauce, not one good style in the edit.

  • ogfeez

    Wowzers….. how would you edit out sloppy landings? It has nothing to do with the “editor”. What the hell are you so mad about? Getting worked up about nothing child

  • Victor Vizcaino

    That explains why Franco is pro..

  • stopslobbingknobs

    i bet you fools that are talking shit would never say any of that in any of a new york skaters face or even in the presence…when bittercold comes around i dare you to even say anything negative around new york tired of you pussy ass kids talking shit and then stay quite when bittercold comes around.yeah ghetto kids would slap the shit out of u,ya brothers all your cusins and your father while taking your girl in the process.fuckin fags!

  • Jash Ruiz les

    ODNY MOTHER FOOOOOCKERS GREAT EDIT DAVE i cant wait for this summer to start


    fuck new york skating a bunch of pussys who are two scared to skate something more then a tiny ledge or a 6 stair downrail and ithought ny could rep east coast guess not and fuck all you faggots who think their harddd go do your little wack ass tricks on some real spots pussiessssss

  • LOL

    U MAD. Stop hating and go eat a dick you lame. NY run you clowns.