Chosen Few, Nyc Street Comp (2011): Skate Life & Flip The Script Edit


Photo Coverage | Ray Mendez Article on IrollNY.


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  • Al@n

    Pretty Dope…Keep Rolling NYC…


    i could have swore tapping a hurricane top acid on a 7 stair used to advance you to a final spot.. now its a winning trick 10 years later… awesome job “street skating!”

  • rollĀ®blade A

    Why are there so many cowards in blading? Where are the Colin Kelso’s who stand up for what they believe in. Blading needs to grow up. There’s too many MEN still acting like children and too many children that aren’t being disciplined.

  • mano

    nice edit …..
    skating new york is allways sickk ….

  • Brandon “Rosko” P.

    Can we just blade and have fun? or are people going to just keep complaining about the skating “these days”? You go be a Kelso if you want it so bad…


    i could just fuck and “have fun (without a condom)” too- doesnt mean i wont get a complaint from someone about a horrible std.. practice smart blading. more criticism = highly necessary THESE DAYS

  • Jiri Volejnik

    Chilleeeen. I like how even the simple soul trick is appreciated by the crowd. way to go NYC! holler

  • sim

    Absolutely Disgusting.