Chiaki Ito (Japan): Kizer Insiders Section

Chiaki Ito (Japan): Kizer Insiders Section

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  • Fearghal

    What ever to happened Chiaki Ito?

  • Anonymous

    He still skates, couple edits of him few the past few years skating xsjados.

  • Anonymous

    God damn the clothes were stupid but the quality of tricks and effort was so.superior in that phase of.blading…..people actually tried

  • BallsDeep

    Those backslides…

  • Ronan

    Crazy stylish and always stands out in the crowd.. 40OZ!!

  • Danielson

    Rollernews is slacking. They always put the year of the edit in the title, but forgot this time. I’m guessing around 2005? Great skating though. I miss baggy pants and wearing Salomons, but not having random rap songs to every edit.