Chaz Sands Invitational Contest 2007: Results + Edits


1. Chris Haffey.
2. Chaz Sands.
3. Nick Lomax.

Thanks Razor_ryan & Mattywatky.

Franky Morales and Murda At The Invitational :

Thanks Stsnb.

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  • DF2T

    Murda sait pas tenir un soul… muahahaha…
    (vivement les commentaires de mon commentaire…)

  • Pajero

    Chaz Sands killed it! Crazy… Murda sucks :D

  • jomu

    so when do the good edits come out?

    the first one was decent.

  • Paul Cargill

    The official edit will be out this week. I’m so busy with work and other aspects of the comp (thanks for more work balmore!) that it’s taking a bit of time.

    This week I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And it won’t be on youtube! High-res Quicktime only!!!!

  • Ths!

    holy sh….

    that last trick chaz sands did… omg.

  • KJ

    lomax is the man

  • not

    chaz sandz – no steeze
    murdas killin it

  • jagbag

    that comp was amazin,, wot u mean chaz has no steeze, u obviously have not seen alot of his edits

  • AntonJ

    the first edit was nice, whats the name of the song?

  • Scott_Nairn

    chaz should have won it, he killed everything, not just the rail. just cos it was his comp shouldn’t mean he isn’t allowed to win.

  • ckilla

    nice edits
    what the name of the song for the murda video?

  • Henrique

    What the name of the songs for the 2 videos

  • abel

    Man what are you saying that chaz has no style well i guess it is a matter of opinion…but OMG i love chaz’s style!!!!!!

  • bordeaux

    j arrive pa a voir ski fait morales sur le dernier tricks du 2eme edit

  • reek

    chaz sands is just too clean. haha. that 2nd edit kinda makes it look like murda is fallin off a bit.

  • snak3ua

    the second edit suck as hell i never saw shit that bad and btw murda is good its just the stupid guy that did the edit that put bails in the edit im sure chaz fell too

  • Balmore

    The pics of the Pro Final are up on

    It was the best comp that I have been to in a very long while. If you did not go you missed a great event.

    Paul don’t go blaming me for your slacking… :)


  • marshall

    1st edit is It’s bigger than Hip HOp-Dead Prez
    I don’t know the name of the 2nd song, but I know its Del the funky homosapien

  • kizza

    2nd edit- camera phone?

    1st edit- vinny is soooooo steezey!!

  • flolitlereider

    we c vrai murda tien pas en soul c un dechet.

  • http://makio mili

    Vinny Minton is one of the most stylish persons EVAAAAAAA