Chattanooga: Full Time, Section by Seth Lloyd

Chattanooga, Full Time: Edit by Seth Lloyd

Between the trips we made to Chattanooga (TN) and the trips they would make to come skate Macon (GA) Michael Braud, Anthony Armstrong and Ray Kronenberg were able to pound out this bad ass section for the video!Seth Lloyd.

Song: Elvis – gonna get back home somehow.
Previously: Michael Braud, Sideshow Rodeo by Jamie Olmstead.

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3 Responses to “Chattanooga: Full Time, Section by Seth Lloyd”

  1. devin Says:

    That was so good, props for using an elvis song

  2. balls deep Says:

    Good to see some Michael Braud action in there.

    No waffle house footage?

  3. boner Says:

    That soul to jump over the rail to 360 over the other rail with no speed was so fucked up.