Chaos:Eternity:Kaos (2001) by Pat Lennen & Sean Cullen (intro)


The introductory section from the classic skate film Chaos : Eternity : Kaos by Lennen and Cullen.

Footage from 2000, released in 2001 by Rebel Distribution.

Featuring full sections on the original INRI crew: Ben Weis, Pat Lennen, Dre Powell, Charles Dunkle, Jesus Larcen, Rob Thompson and Sean Cullen (via).

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  • roll056

    please what’s the song in the last part?

  • mmmm nice

    Some pretty hardcore and awesome stuff!

  • ukukukukuk

    that was immense. the huge gap to the pool at around 9:10 is ridiculous, and sick lines throughout x!

  • adobsnc

    gainers and shit were tight but…where’s the Charles Dunkle section?

  • dude


    roll056, you talkin about: AWOL One – Rhythm?

    That song was in another skate video too! Maybe Tek? Anyone remember?

  • Anonymous

    Watch and learn kids. Watch and learn.

  • Will Cosgrove

    That was so FUCKING DOPE! u kids dont understand how long that editing would have taken back then and the level of bladin was still raw by todays standards. Thats what bladin was like when i frist started and edits and videos like this made me go crazy

  • whooooooo

    that latimer trick in eisenbergs skatepark- tap 540 or so.. unbelieveable.

  • Anonymous

    if only skating was what it used to be, now its full asshats

  • david

    amazing!!!!!! im goin to session how can u not want to after that

  • Swexican

    haha did anybody else react to the fact that pat dropped down a tree?? seriously im laughing my fucking ass off.. crazy shit.. like i picture myself walking through the forest when suddenly omg there it is.. THE perfect tree to drop down from using my skates.. i got to get that on film.. mad propps to pat ;)

  • Quinn Feldman

    I fucking love that video. one of my favorites.

    whats the song at 304

  • Vetty

    The Latimer wallride session was sooo cool, and stuntman Lennen was in full force. Please post the whole video somewhere

  • Rob Zbranek

    Gangster ass rollerblading flick! Bring em back!

  • very nice

    foward backflips off shit is crazy! Crazy editing- Older videos were and are just so much better, don’t get me wrong there is new shit coming out that is cool as fuck – just not as “fun” as some older stuff.

  • kyle wood

    i can’t believe he just gainered that shit… ive never seen that done off flat ground wtf

  • firth

    “whoooooo” totally agree! the wall tap abstract 540 out was amazing! this vid reminded me why i skate. where did style go? ha

  • rollerblading is gay

    i never got to see this before. awesome! latimer footage! one of my all time fav skaters

  • arschpirat

    please upload the fulll video! dres section is so killer that everyone who watched his section knows why he is still on the razors team! upload the full video please!!

  • Doug Cupo

    There needs to be older videos like this posted, makes you love rollerblading that much more. This video is a rolling classic for sure!

  • 1231231321

    kids this is what we called rollerblading

    what you have now is just over saturation of curb skating