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Themgoods – February in 60 seconds – Tony Cheetah

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Themgood - February in 60 seconds - Tony Cheetah

February was about cycling around the city and skating with the homies Nando, Blake and the FTS crew.

Don Bambrick – Vibralux VOD (Now Free)

Friday, March 24th, 2017

We were able to film with Don Bambrick in Minneapolis and Detroit around his busy schedule as a husband and father of a new-born girl, Lou.

Don Bambrick: Vibralux VOD B-Roll (2015)

Don has been away from the limelight for quite sometime since his last profile in Charg!ng, but a few years ago he teamed up with Brian Weis to start the Not Cereal video series and a rebirth of sorts was in the making. Don is back and better than ever bringing his unique eye for skating to the streets.

Plentiful spots from Minnesota and the heartland juxtapose the run down city that Detroit has become. Sit back and enjoy, you’re in for a treat.

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Frederic Bukowski, Lucien Hugues & Louis Lescure: 3M Paris Underground Exploration (2017)

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Frederic Bukowski & Friends: 3M Paris Underground Exploration

Felipe Zambardino + Positive Story (Brazil, 2016)

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Felipe Zambardino + Positive Story (Brazil, 2016)

Positive Story (2016) by Ton Neves (Brazil), a video starring Dix Tavares + Felipe Zambardino + Kaia Malaghini + Tais Colares + Ton Neves (Trailer).

+ Positive Story (2016) by Ton Neves: Full Video.

Chris Farmer – Clips from The Hooligan Project

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Chris Farmer - Clips from The Hooligan Project

The Hooligan Project is a 2011 skate video from Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum. Chris Farmer had some clips in it, here is a compilation.

MP4 Video (via Instagram).

The Hooligan Project, profiling Jeph Howard, Brett Dasovic, Michael Garlinghouse, Kevin Meland (profiles, bonus & trailer videos available here. Also featuring Chris Farmer, Sean Kelso, Billy O’Neill, Alex Broskow, Franco Cammayo, Corey Glanville, Jeff Dahmen, Travis Rhodes, Blake O’Brien, Shane McClay & Adam Exline.

The Hooligan Project

Hawke Trackler (2017) – Cultivating Lazors UknowFile

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Hawke Trackler (2017) - Cultivating Lazors UknowFile

I be out here skatin…they be asking me questions…and I be answerin em! Thanks to Bref0n, Ylewoo & Pa for hookin up the filming for a dude who be filming a lot himself U know wut I meanz. – HT

Hawke Trackler vs KY 32 Stair (2013) Raw Clips (link)

Hawke Trackler vs KY 32 Stair (2013) Raw Clips

I had seen the rail once before while visiting my friend Greg in Bowling Green Kentucky and had always wanted to skate it but never did until one random weekend when I drove down to Gregs house back in 2013 just to get that clip. I had no other motive beyond just for my the personal satisfaction and taking on a scary challenge that turned into A battle for my own history books.

Trying this after falling and getting back up to try again was pure mind over matter after a bit because if I focused on any of my pain I was going to stop. Winning this one was A triumph I won’t soon forget. – Hawke Trackler. Video on Youtube.

Haunted Real Co (2017) – Edit by Ryan Cza (xgreenxcloverx) & Interview with Matt Osantoski

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Haunted Real Co. 2017

Featuring: Ian Walker, Randy Molina, Garret Mitschelen, Matt Oz, Brad Oz, Cody Lampman, Mike Blair, Birdy & Ray Chronenberg. Contributing footage by: Ian Walker, Matt Oz, Ryan Cza, Brian Weis, Ivan Gwynn, Taylor Popham & Ryan Grau.

Track list: Some grass – Sleep, skeleteens – Feisty Cadavers, Jazz A gogo – France Gall, Jesus Loves me – Rose Shephard & Ellen M. Smith, Cameos By Beavis And Butthead.

Interview with Matt Osantoski, Haunted Co-owner

Originally hailing from Michigan but now a fully diversified outfit, Haunted Wheels has pushed up from the dark corners of blading to carve out their own niche.

Now with riders across the continent and the braintrust split between Mid- and Pac-West locales, the brand is ready to move into another phase as it looks ahead, surveys the past, and decides how to focus their efforts moving forward.

Co-owner Matt Osantoski took time to answer our questions — so here’s the skinny on Haunted Wheels.

Interview on

For the love of Valo (NYC) with Brandon Smith, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo & James Perez

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

For the love of Valo (NYC) with Brandon Smith, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo & James Perez

I dug out some clips and decided to make an edit for my friends and I. Featuring Brandon Smith, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo, and myself. Hope you enjoy. x3 We are Valo.James Perez.

The Rise Of Mery Munoz (2010-2017) – Best Of Bladies, Compilation by Skamidan

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

The Rise Of Mery Munoz (2010-2017) - Best Of Bladies, Compilation by Skamidan

Music: Joakim Karud – Future Funk, Joakim Karud – Almost Original, Joakim Karud – Great Days, Orcabeats – Theia. Photos: 01, 02.

London on three – Kizer TRIMAX 3x110mm frames with Sam Crofts (2017), Edit by Betamax Brigade

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Sam Crofts bursts through London´s Victoria Park bowl on the fastest Aggro-setup he ever used: the new Kizer Trimax UFS frame with 3x110mm UC wheels on a pair of USD Sway skates. 3 big wheels & bowl skating add up to huge air times, easier wheel slides & lots of speed. Filmed & edited by Betamax Brigade.

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