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Razors & Ground Control: Official Green Parts

Monday, February 16th, 2009

These aren’t dyed parts. It seems Razors and Ground Control have taken notice to all the customization that rollerbladers have been doing and took it upon themselves to make customizing easier on all of us.

Source: AM (via Irollny).

USD & Valo: Skates Promo Edits

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

USD Dominic Sagona Commercial:

-Video down-
10 Feb 2009, by Matty W.

Valo: JJ Velcro Commercial:


Pair Skates

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

pair skates
Enlarge the picture.

It seems that the “Pair” Brand is doing some aggressive skates now.

There is a black Jaren Grob skates (photo below) and it’s a bit wierd, because the name and logo are clearly photoshopped (check the large version of the picture).

pair skates
Enlarge the picture.

pair skates
Enlarge the picture.

Rollerblade Team: new posters & prototype skates (?)

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

david sizemore

julian bah

robert guerrero

Rollerblade prototype skates (?):

-Picture removed-
Thanks Tommm.

Valo: Chrome Skates

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

valo chrome skates

JC Rowe Custom Xsjado Strap-Setup

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

quoting JC Rowe:

As you saw in my V-cut tutorial, I always cut my skates to open up a new range of motion.

This new concept I’ve got has been working really well at fixing one problem I’ve always had with my Xsjados and thats having the strap mounted to the tongue and feeling those bolts when I wear my skates tight. […]

Check the full article here.
Thanks Daniel Kinney.

Alchemy: Pure Skates & New Website

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

up: 1280×1024 Wallpaper.

Alchemy Skates are proud to announce the launch of their new skate and team for 2009.

The first skate release in the PURE series arrives February 1st.

The concept behind the Alchemy PURE is simplicity. We have kept everything about the design and aesthetics minimal to give you a solid, reliable and stylish skate. The shell is pure white giving you a blank canvas that you can customise to fit your own style.

alchemy pure skates
Larger picture.

Alchemy Pure Skates, Features:

  • Pure 100% Virgin PU shell – Only coloured plastics can be 100% pure which means that they come from totally unused PU
  • Every part of the PURE is completely customisable and replaceable
  • Low cut cuff allowing for flexibility when grinding
  • Spring buckle system to keep your feet in a stable and secure position when skating hard
  • Lace lock system
  • Stylish stitched detail liner with oversized shock absorbing heel pad
  • New soul plate material to give the perfect speed when grinding
  • Alchemy ABEC 5 bearings
  • Flat set up of pure white 57mm/92A wheels
  • Sizes: UK6-11 / Euro 39-45.5 / US 7-12

The Alchemy team for 2009 is Sam Tuffnell, John Goodman, Sammy Brookfield and Andy Gilbert.

You can see their profiles on the team section of the Alchemy website here, check some pictures here.
Thanks Tom Willox (forums).

Deshi Carbon Fiber: hi-res pictures

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

deshi carbon skates

Dre point of view:

1. They look like shoes. the size 8s were [expletive] tiny. smallest looking skates ive ever seen

2. the buckle seems like its gonna break hella soon. apparently its the older model p-type, so im assuming they will fix it.

3. Groove seems actually skateable, unlike the nonsense that comes on the ch1s. souls seem 10x better than the ch1s.

4. Carbon fiber is HARD as [expletive]. i definitely see it lasting for days. you can tell where it stops tho, so i wonder if the cuff will last.

5. and yes, they are [expletive] LIGHT. super light. Hella light. not even funny light.


Check the Hi-Resolution pictures here.

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