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Traxart Skates (Bra): Felipe Zambardino Promo Edit

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

traxart skates

Video Edit of Felipe Zambardino skating for a brazilian skate brand called Traxart.

Thanks Bruno Mendes.

traxart skates

traxart skates

traxart skates

Valo Limited Edition Blue Tv2

Saturday, June 13th, 2009


*Only available at selected shops in Europe

– ALL Blue Colorway
– NEW Lower cuff for improved flexibility
– NEW Form fitting liner
– thicker padding in tongue
– NEW Classic sneaker look
– Replaceable Soul and Backslide
– Memory Buckle Boot Only for Customization

Check more pictures on Valo.
Thanks Jason Roussel.

Rollerblade New-Jack & Solo Tribe 2010

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Rollerblade New-Jack:


Release: October 2009

Structure: TRS Soft-boot style boot

Closure: 45° Velcro Power-Strap, Locking plastic buckle with buckle protector

Liner: Specialized Fit, Specialized Street Footbed, Rubber Sole

Frame: Street ZytelŽ DupontŽ Plastic (UFS). New Super-Lock Groove

Wheels: 4x55MM 90A New Urethane Compound

Bearings: SG5

Rollerblade Solo Tribe 2010:


Release: October 2009

Structure: Rhino, All Replaceable Components (Cuff, Buckle Protector, Sole Plates, Strap)

Closure: Lace + 45° Buckle + Power Strap

Liner: Specialized V-Cut, PU Foam Shock Absorber, Double Padded Tongue

Frame: Switch (Delrin + Kevlar Dupont) 4 Set-Ups In 1 (UFS)

Wheels: New 2x72MM 86A (Hyper Concrete CR) + 2xAnti-Rockers

Bearings: SG7

Thanks Tom Hyser.

Usd 7 Skates: Review by Daniel Prell

Friday, June 5th, 2009

daniel prell

I wanted to skate the 7 for quite a while now and finally I made up my mind and ordered a pair.

First impressions:
– the cuffs seems to be pretty soft
– I dont like all white skates fresh out of the box
– The skate seems to be quite simple no unnecessary knickknack
– Big negative soulplate
– Skate is pretty light weight […]

Check the full Usd 7 Skates: Review by Daniel Prell.
w/ a lot of photos!

daniel prell

Valo/aMALL/GC/Eulogy “The Cool Snake” TV2

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The Cool Snake

With over a year in the making, this special edition TV2 dubbed the “Cool Snake skate” is the third collaboration project brought to you by The Valo Brand and Aggressivemall.

When it came time to produce our 3rd skate we wanted to do something that was leaps and bounds over our previous projects.

In order to do this we sought out Ground Control and Eulogy to be included in on this endeavor – both of whom are also in leagues of their own when it comes to their products. […] Link

PRE ORDER: SHIPS LATE JUNE 2009. Thanks Justin.

Worker Ozone Skates

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Worker Ozone

Here are the Worker Ozone Skates, spotted in Hungary. The skates looks like old models of Rollerblades.

Thanks Mate485.

IW: Franken Boots, Rollerblade Solo Era

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Rollerblade Solo Era

Rollerblade Solo Era

Check the video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Stan.

Revival – Vidcast 54 – Deshi Carboncast

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Deshi Carboncast

So there has been a LOT of hype over the new Deshi Carbon skates. So much in fact that I had to try some out for myself.

While doing so myself and Harry Reavley decided to film my first afternoon on the skates to give you an idea of how they roll. I could have happily rambled on in nerdy fashion about small details but instead we decided to make it more fun to watch and let the action do most of the talking.

Big shout out to Harry for coming up with a top level edit and getting it done in a day even if it took me a week to get it on the net! […]

Rolling Revival Post.

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