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Some Words from Billy O’ Neil

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Billy O'Neil

Billy O’ Neil pro skate.

I’ve been getting alot of questions about when my pro skate is coming out and as opposed to answering one at a time which would take mad long, i figured id be lazy and type it once in a blog…ummm ok.

My pro USD skate is due to come out around jan 07… It’s going to be a ufs throne, with mindgames wheels, kizer frames and new jug liners…the liners are gonna fit the new cut that are being made to the usd cuffs….these news cuffs will be introduced with the release of dominic sagona’s pro skate…and also on my model….

The new cuff allows you to have more flexibility, and the jug liner that comes with the cuff will compliment its new shape…basically, my skates gonna be hot…as far as colors and shit like that, im still in the process of experimenting and figuring out what would be best…i was thinkin of maybe going with a traditional black boot, just b/c black is always tight…but this will be better than your average skate…so please buy it. thanks.



Ok kiddies….its time for you all to know what good skating is….i often get messages on myspace about kids who are like, yo check out my friend, hes really good, he can do 450 blah blah or 720 blah blah…and so all you guys know, this means nothing to me…just because your friend can do that doesnt mean he is a good skater….

It means he accomplished a trick..nothing more…. when i think of great skating, i think of dustin latimer, brian shima, louie zamora, my illumanati’s and so on and so on….and it has nothing to do with the tricks they do…its the skating…u know, the actual ROLLERBLADING….

I dont care if u do 900 truespin fish…if u dont skate up to it right, then I DONT CAREEEEE…. i dont care….i’d rather see a louie zamora b/s royale or a dominic sagona topsoul….come on guys, lets grow….skate fasttt… everytime… be risky…. fuck this safe, slow skating, 450 royale over-using, corny ass blading…. lets make this shit tough….o yea, and another thing…at this point we’ve skated more handrails than bikers and skateborders combined times 10…rails arent hard….there is sooooooooo much more to skating than spinning on a fuckin pole… that shit is old news boys…we have so much potential as a sport and as an industry…we need to grow and progress properly…. who the fuck is with me ?


Remz Franky Morales prototype ?

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

remz frankie morales

Here is a photo of a skate that might be a Remz Franky Morales prototype. The image is really near to the description that Rolla05 posted here on the 17th of June :

Ok on to the frankey remz , he told me that they dont look that great (not horrible) but skate amazing !!! he said it was kinda like if xsjado and remz had sex = franky remz. the soles might be bigger but he could not remember .

Notice the Jug Liner, and by the way the skates would be perfect with a Gold Groundcontrol Dual Injection Frame !

Deshi Colin Kelso 2 and Deshi Kicks 2 : Photos (lots of)

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

deshi colin kelso 2 and deshi kicks 2 skates

Discover the Deshi Colin Kelso 2 and Deshi Kicks 2 Skates under all their angles : liners, soles, front & back shot, soulplates + details (this is a 2 pages news, don’t miss the second page)


Roman Abrate : Custom USD Grycon Skates

Monday, June 12th, 2006

Custom USD Skates

USD Grycons with Diamond Soulplates, cut Dual USD backslideplate, razor cuff and Jug Liner

More photos here, his previous custom is here (based on the Usd Grycon Skates too)

Deshi Kelso 2 Setups & Info

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Oli Benet : Deshi Colin Kelso 2 Setup
^ Oli Benet : Deshi Colin Kelso 2 Setup

News from Oli Benet on the official website of Deshi :

The skates are about to drop and the latest news is they are arriving with Sifika liners as stock!

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- Deshi Colin Kelso 2 and Deshi Kicks 2 Photos
- Colin Kelso holding his second Deshi Pro Skate (Photo)

Thanks George Amos and Oli !

More Photos :

Xsjado Skates with Double Buckles

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Xsjado Double Buckles Skates

One day i sat down and started fooling about with some parts and came up with this.

The buckle is only on one side but it doesnt matter, because you do the strap on the inside of the boot as tight as u want 1st, and then you do up the double buckle. It is tightened with the bolt that holds the straps together, if you want to try this (you probably wont) its kinda hard work ad u need to rele push the bolt in to catch the thread. [...]

Read more about this Xsjado Double Buckles Skates + more photos

Airwalk : Same Mold, New Skates

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

airwalk inline aggressive skates
^ Airwalk Skates

Airwalk will release a new skate, read more about it here. It seems that the skate mold used by Airwalk is an old one, that were used by a lot of other brand.

quoting George Amos :

Same Bauer mold used by Anarchy for their Chaos skates.

Fine, they’re cheap and they’re not intruding on existing markets, but do we really want to get the next generation of rollers started on skates of this quality?

Cheap Skate mold
^ Another Skate using the same mold

Check some Photos :
Thanks Nemoz !

Airwalk Inline Aggressive Skates

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Airwalk Inline Aggressive Skates
quoting Hifo :

Many of you are going to say “What is wrong with them, we don’t need more skating companies”. We need more money put into existing ones”.

Well this might not be a bad thing. They are priced at a $59.99, which is pretty cheap compared to $139.99 – $314.99. This isn’t going to scare off too many parents at the sight of the price. Who knows this might be a nice thing.

It seems that Airwalk is now producing Aggressive Skates.
Discuss about it in the forums. Thanks Hifo.

Read more about the history of Airwalk and check the Taig Kris Sneakers that Airwalk will release in June/July 2006.

USD Legacy full soulplates

Friday, May 26th, 2006

USD Legacy full soulplates

from Rachard Johnson :

If you ride legacy skates and are waiting for the full plate, it will be out soon, they have been shipped…

In the mean time if you have extra royal pieces, you can customize them by cutting them and fitting them into the gaps of the royal… trust me it works a whole lot better…

Thanks Bald_gye !

Xsjalomons, Xsjado / Salomon Concept

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

Xsjalomons, Xsjado / Salomon Concept

Xsjalomons, Xsjado / Salomon Concept,
using a Salomon Vinny Minton 2 Boot.

Me and my mate were bored as poo one day when it was raining so we decided to make these…

Basically they are salomon skates with the top of the boot cut off, the cuff v cut and cut into the xsjado cuff shape, a tongue put on the buckle, a like velcro/metal thingy off sum crappy sk8s trapped underneath the frame for the instep thingy and sum random elastic for the toe strap.

this started off as just a joke, but now im sk8in em instead of my TRS alphas bcos theyre so good.

More details and photos in this topic. Thanks Hobo !

Hotwheels SKULL UFS Aggressive skates

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Hotwheels SKULL UFS Aggressive skates

As announced, on the 24th of November 2005, Hotwheels finally released his aggressive Skates ! It seems that the skates will be distributed by Powerslide.

Details of the Skates :

Boot :

Size adjustable Kids Aggressive Skate;
locking buckle; replaceable soulplates

Liner :

Locking Buckle;
adjustable & breathable liner;
arch wrap around system;
45° heel lock system


Deshi: Kelso 2 & Kicks 2

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Published today on the Deshi’s website:

Deshi: Kelso 2 & Kicks 2

As you can read, Deshi Skates are fully compatible with the new Sifika liner SL310.

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- Sifika SL-310 Liners

Razor Murda 3, Better Photo

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Razor Murda 3

Better photo of the Razor Murda 3 Skates, that were posted here in May 15th, 2006.

- Neoprene Jug liner
- Ground Control Dual Injection Frames
- Genre Wheels (56/90) + GC Hard 42/Hard

Discuss about it in the forums

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