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Rollernews POW – 20061106

Monday, November 6th, 2006

picture of the week
up : Picture of the week by Oleg

Here are the results of the Rollernews Picture of the Week (pow) :

1. Oleg
2. Guto
3. Daciel

Congratulations to all the people who entered the pow, this was really one of the best week ever, you can check all the entries here.

Thanks to Daniel for taking care of the comp. You can enter the next pow contest here.

picture of the week
up : second place by Guto

picture of the week
up : third place by Daciel

California Bay : Photo Set by Angelo Ferrer

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

skating in California Bay

California Bay photo set by Angelo Ferrer, Victor Arias and Ivan Narez. Photos of Black Mike, Jon Morciglio, Vinny Minton, Victor Arias, Ivan Narez, Casey Baggozzi and Angelo Ferrer. Link

skating in California Bay
up : Vinny Minton

skating in California Bay
up : Victor Arias (?) skating the famous spot featured in all the owned clip compilation (remember that skater gapping the second roof, fall and hit the rail below ?)

LA All Day, Inline Events : by Jeff Linett

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

LA All Day, photo by Jeff Linett

Jeff Linett shot Tracey Whites recent ASA qualifier that was won by Quinn Feldman in Santa Monica (

Thanks Jeff.

LA All Day, photo by Jeff Linett

More photos :

NYC : Skating Photo Retrospective by Angelo Ferrer

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Here is a photo restrospective of NYC by Angelo Ferrer. Link

Featuring skating from Billy Oneil (Fish), Sam Anthony, Alex Thomas, Justin Brasco, Mike D Angelo, Will Hoover, Jon Morciglio, Thomas Lipani and Anthony Soto.

nyc skating photos by Angelo Ferrer

Thanks Angelo !

Skating in the Big Apple : NYC shots by Angelo Ferrer

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006


Check this photo set by Angelo Ferrer of friends skating in NYC. Link


Pictures of the Week – 20061031

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

rolling pictures of the week

Pictures of the Week, Results :

1st place – Zayac Bq, sweatstance
2nd place – Angelo Ferrer, mute 180 over fence
3rd place – Pho3, top acid

Check the photos here. Thanks to Daniel and Fender for the help. If you want your photos features in the POW, a new week started here.

Dan Busta : 2006 Portfolio + Unity Interview

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

charles dunkle
up : Charles Dunkle

Dan Busta has been shooting for 10 years and loving every day of it. He has been published in such publications as: ESPN The Magazine, Complex Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Daily Bread Inline Skate Magazine, Inline Magazine, and Lotus Magazine.

Formally trained at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Dan’s work has earned him recognition from The San Diego Ad Club who honored him with their “Award of Excellence in Photography”, Photographer’s Forum Magazine published him in their “Best of Photography annual 2002”, and a “Best Photograph of the Year” award from French magazine Crazy Roller in 2001.

the galleries are at the bottom left of the page

Interview with Unity Magazine
by David Louis McNamara

Aside from documenting rollerblading, you have worked with The Chicago Tribune, Lotus Magazine and Acclaim Entertainment.

What is your most memorable or interesting experience as a photographer?

hmmm.. I just recently shoot some of the most interesting pictures of my career. I photographed an artist’s collection of period woman’s garments called Ophelia Rising. The images are quite beautiful which proved to me that my photography is multidisciplinary. These works that were shot in the span of 6 hours, are important for the artist and currently used with the show.

I’m constantly shooting many things besides skating. I have even shot a couple weddings in which case I’ll shoot over 2500 images in one day.


Warren Digne : French Edit

Friday, October 27th, 2006

warren digne
up : Warren Digne, skating in Strasbourg Cronenbourg’s Skatepark

Here is an edit of Warren Digne, a french rider sponsored by Rollerblade.

The Photo above was shot in Strasbourg while the Nouvelle Ligne Contest that took place in May 2006. More photos here. Check another photo sequence of Warren Digne here.

Check the Warren Digne Edit :

Thanks Gyom!

Kill or be killed : Comp Photos by Jero

Friday, October 27th, 2006

kill or be killed

Check a photo gallery of the Kill or be killed competition that took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Link

Related News :
Kill or be killed Contest : Results and Photos
Kill or be killed Contest : Tricks Premiere & Comp Report

kill or be killed competition

Thanks Azrider ! Discuss about it in the forums

Rue au Grand Palais : Photo sets of the event

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

rue au grand palais roller

Here are more photos from Rue Grand Palais, a Street Culture event that took place in Paris mid October 2006 (more infos here).

Check the following photo Sets :
by Maia Taieb | Philippe Leroyer | Jordy B

rue au grand palais roller

French Tv, Ad for the event :

rue au grand palais tv ad

Watch the video :

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