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In Motion 1 (2006): Intro + Trevor Tylosky

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

A video by Casey Baggozi.

Sean Keane: In Motion 1 by Casey Baggozi (2006)

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

In Motion 1 by Casey Baggozi (2006) Credits

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Wan Su Sim: KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Raw clips of the KXF – Korea Extreme Action Sports Federation, 2014 Contest.

KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea): More Clips | Official Website.

CJ Wellsmore: KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

CJ Wellsmore, 2nd place at the KXF – Korea Extreme Action Sports Federation, 2014 Contest (Raw Clips).

KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea): More Clips | Official Website.

Roman Abrate: KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea)

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Roman Abrate, 1st place at the KXF – Korea Extreme Action Sports Federation, 2014 Contest (Raw Clips).

KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea): Raw Clips

Part I

Part II

KXF Contest 2014 (South Korea): More Clips | Official Website.


Colorado Road Trip 2014: Edit by David Dodge

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

The South Goes West. CORT, 16th Edition.
Edit by David Dodge (
Music: Pelt – Sunflower River Blues (get the song on

A plane ride to denver, 1500 miles in packed out car with 7 rad humans, touring 6 skateparks in the beautiful Colorado, coupled with 120 other amazing humans, open skies and some the most impressive nature you’ll see made the 16th annual Colorado Road Trip incredible to say the least.

Featuring Thomas Martin, Cody Porche, Mark Catelloti, Joey Adams, Smiley, Tucker Freeland, Ian Copp, David Dodge, Blake Taylor, Mikal Fatali, Dudely McJumpsBro, Rory Melehan, Collin Martin, Sweet SenateTee, Ian Offroader, Chemi Simiyu, Jeremy Spira, Garrett Slobey, Dustin Spengler, Scott Olsen, Dom, Carter LeBlanc, Cody Lampman & Mach Acid.

Colorado Road Trip 2014: Scumpire Edit by Ian WVTRS

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Yeah so i got there late, still got a piece. Enjoy the little footage i acquired while racing to catch the end of the CORT 2014. – Ian WVTRS.


Copenhagen Real Street 2014: Results

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Skate Solution Junior

  1. Jonas Westergaard (DK)
  2. Mathias Andersen (DK)
  3. Noel Petersen (DK)


  1. Carson Starnes (US)
  2. Kare Lindberg (DK)
  3. Dave Mutschall (DE)
  4. Jan Ebbert (DE)
  5. Albert Hooi (IR)
  6. Jo Zenk (DE)
  7. Jacob Juul (DK)
  8. Olav Norheim (NO)

Adidas Originals Old Boys

  1. Seth Nicolas (DK)
  2. Adam Hakansson (SE)
  3. David Grant (DK)
  4. Jonas Bodtker (NO)
  5. Christian Berg (DK)

Black Jack Best trick: Peter Kallio – Backside (SE)
SSM Best up & coming: Connaire Skerritt (UK)


Richard Taylor Trophy 2014: Results

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Under 16

  1. Jordan Ward
  2. Tom Bellamy
  3. Joe Hughes


  1. Tesharn Febz
  2. Andrew Speed
  3. Barney

Them wot can

  1. Blake Bird
  2. Jake Ricketts
  3. Sam Davis

Richard Taylor Trophy 2014 – 10 years anniversary.
Photos & report on

Chemi Simiyu: Amall Cash Clip (August 2014) Entry

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Deadline: August 31st (rules at the end of the post).

Amall Cash Clip (August 2014): Makio

August may signify summer being on it’s last leg for some, but it should also mean that you have had uninterrupted months to practice and perfect all your favorite maneuvers. It also should mean that the days are long, the weather is nice, and excuses for not being able to get a clip are at a bare minimum.

That being said, this month we are bringing it back to basics and the trick is the good ‘ol Makio (rules at the end of the post).

Entry by Chemi Simiyu

Per usual, this trick can be done in a skatepark, on the streets, or even in your mother’s house if you are so inclined. All entries must be submitted to the Facebook event wall before the end of the day on August 31st. That means Pacific Standard Time in case anyone wants to get technical. The Price is $200 and will be PayPal’d to the winner.

Open Swedish Championships 2014: Results

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Open Pro / AM

  1. Montre Livingston
  2. Patrik Johansson
  3. Josh Glowicki
  4. Linus Hansen
  5. Joakim Lundberg
  6. Jon Fromm
  7. Igor Jovanovic
  8. Michael Pedersen
  9. Luc Karlsson
  10. Zebastian Cassel
  11. Mikael Karlsson
  12. Kenth Ulvedal
  13. Carson Starnes
  14. Gabriel Gok
  15. Tim Fredriksson
  16. Stephanie Midhammar
  17. Christoffer Kohn
  18. Martin Bergstrand
  19. Tom Sivertsson
  20. David Axelsson
  21. Tobias Karlsson
  22. Ludwig Hedlin


  1. Axel Bihagen
  2. Ismail Sheblysson
  3. Gustav Dahlstrom (Tie) Martin Danning
  4. Billy Fredriksson
  5. Oliwer Enavall
  6. Filip Jonsson
  7. Gabriel Lindom
  8. Kevin Spang
  9. Jacob Jonsson
  10. Ludwig Ellstrom
  11. Rasmus Stenfors
  12. Zanna Karvele
  13. Linus Jager
  14. Samuel Larsson


  1. Stephanie Midhammar
  2. Zanna Karvele


  1. Patrik Johansson
  2. Linus Hansen
  3. Joakim Lundberg
  4. Igor Jovanovic
  5. Luc Karlsson
  6. Zebastian Cassel
  7. Mikael Karlsson
  8. Kenth Ulvedal
  9. Gabriel Gok
  10. Tim Fredriksson
  11. Stephanie Midhammar
  12. Christofer Kohn
  13. Martin Bergstrand
  14. Tom Sivertsson
  15. David Axelsson
  16. Tobias Karlsson
  17. Ludwig Hedlin

Night Street Session 2014 (Spain): Results

Monday, August 4th, 2014


  1. Felix Caballero
  2. Antonio Sanchez (Pichi)
  3. Michel Prado


  1. Alvaro Diego (Coke)
  2. Oscar Llorente
  3. Alejandro Molina


  1. Manu vega
  2. David Jimenez
  3. Marcos Valera


  1. Emilia Parejo
  2. Elisabeth
  3. Marina

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