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Frame Issue 2 (2016): International Extreme Sports Stars – Starring Andy Kruse & Konsta Kortteinen

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Andy Kruse (20:24) | Konsta Kortteinen (23:40).
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Frame Issue 2 (2016):  International Extreme Sports Stars -  Starring Andy Kruse & Konsta Kortteinen

Frame Issue 2 presents: International Extreme Sports Stars. This film deals with the strong philosophy behind extreme sports from around the world: what makes a skater attempt seemingly impossible tricks over and over again?

Why is that in-line skater prepared to risk a hospital visit when trying to land that ludicrously difficult jump? Frame Issue 2 proves that the world is rife with people who have a burning desire to push beyond boundaries and limits while striving to motivate and inspire its viewers to get up off that couch and dare to implement their own dreams!

The film features hugely talented home-grown Extreme athletes such as Jyri Pitkanen, Finnish Skateboarding Champion (amongst many other awards). Jyris charm and natural acting skills have previously conquered the medium of Finnish televion (e.g, Nelonens’ PlayTV, CapturedTV and Busteri). Also featured is Multi-disciplined Championship Gold Medalist, Konsta Kortteinen, who has a long history in skating. Also featured are international talents such as, among others, in-line skating legend Andy Kruse (USA) and skateboarder Alex Lekinho (Brazil), the latter being known worldwide for his extremely high jumps.

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Arlo Eisenberg’s Rant (2005) Black Market Dvd

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Mushroom blading uploaded the interview on their Youtube channel.

Arlo Eisenberg's Rant (2005) Black Market Dvd

Arlo Eisenberg: The greatest rollerblading rant of all time? From the Black Market Dvd from 2005.

CJ Wellsmore (Australia): Cinestesia Interview (2016)

Friday, November 4th, 2016

3 times world champion in rollerblading, CJ comes from Australia and travel the world with his skates now in Los Angeles CA, we had a chat about his adventures and his blading life.

Themgoods: Spaced with Tim Franken (Interview)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Themgoods Orange Couch Sessions: Makio Miyazaki

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Themgoods Orange Couch Sessions: Makio Miyazaki

First “Orange Couch Session” video article featuring the creator of the “Makio” grind. The man himself Makio Miyazaki.Themgoods.

Nitro World Games 2016: One Mag Interviews with Dave Lang, Roman Abrate & Chris Haffey

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Inaugural Nitro World Games

ONEblademag traveled to Salt Lake City to witness the inaugural Nitro World Games. Correspondent Drew Bachrach got backstage with the winners for these exclusive hot takes right after the event. Full article & photos on

Nitro World Games 2016, More Media: Chris Haffey (Winning Run) | Best of Inline Best Tricks | Raw Clips by Erick Rodriguez | Wake Schepman Vlog | Shredweiser Edit.

New York State of Mind: 2016 Interviews

Friday, April 8th, 2016

New York State of Mind: Ivan Narez

Ivan Narez talent on blades and behind the camera showcases his progression and passion over the years. New York State of Mind is proud to present the unique thoughts of Ivan Narez.

New York State of Mind: Austin Paz

When New York is mentioned within the rollerblading industry, Austin Paz is someone that rapidly has become a household name. Austin’s passion, and inequity towards his projects allows New York to obtain a reputation, in which the city is a staple and an important landscape for our sport.

Consistently exceeding the limitations that are put forward makes Austin Paz a crucial part of New York and for the rollerblading sport. Full Austin Paz interview on

Razors Skates: The Andy Wegener Story

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Razors Skates: The Andy Wegener Story

Have you ever wondered who the people are who are making the real shit happen when it comes to producing blading products? I’m not talking about your mates clothing company or the pro-skate which claims its “designed by [insert pro skater’s name]”.

There’s some hidden faces in our industry who have risked it all by putting in thousands of Dollars, even more work hours and in some cases a creative genius to bring you innovative products.

Some names spring to mind when I think of the faceless heros of product development: Mattias Knoll (Powerslide), Sebastien Laffarge (Seba), Pieter Wijnant (Adapt), Rachel Lin (K2), Kenneth Dedeu (Powerslide), more recently Xavier Raimbault (Trigger), even Tom Hyser (Rollerblade)… but none more than the ultimate blade industry mogul Andy Wegener. […]

By Jake Eley – Full Article on

Montre Livingston: Why Are You Smiling? | Ask A Pro

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Montre Livingston: Why Are You Smiling? | Ask A Pro

Montre Livingston shares why even though kids made fun of him in school, he pursued his passion of rollerblading and is now one of the top pro skaters in the world. A video by Helton “Brazil” Siqueira.

Danny Beer (Canada): Dirt Box Interview + Edit (2015)

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Danny Beer (Canada): Dirt Box Interview + Edit (2015)

A time traveling Greco Roman warrior sent to don a pair of skates and become a true powerhouse in the Canadian rollerblading scene.

He’s a good old east coast b’y with a big heart who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Behind and in front of the lens, his eye for the unconventional is undeniably impressive and refreshing. Danny is the epitome of new school. So sit back, crack a cold one and enjoy. – Taylor Ritchie | Interview on

Previously: Danny Beer (Canada): Fish n’ Clips by Colin Brattey.

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