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Pow-Wow 2015: Teaser by Greg Hartmann

Friday, September 19th, 2014

The Next Pow-Wow Pro/AM Contest & Festival: March 12-15th, 2015.

Pow-Wow 2015: Teaser


Panhandle Pow Wow: More Media.
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Eugen Enin: Shred Cologne 2014 (Germany) Teaser

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Shred Cologne 2014 (Germany): October 4, 2014. Visit

This is the Shred TV teaser #2 for the Shred Cologne 2014.
Produced and filmed by Chris Piotrowicz and Eric Poss.

Shred Cologne 2014 (Germany): Teaser

In this episode we take our focus on Eugen Enin. He is definitely one of the best technical bladers this sport ever had. Enjoy the Eugen show! If you missed it: SCBC Teaser #1.

Shred Cologne, More Media: 2013 | 2012.

2013 Winner: Eugen Enin (full results).
2012 Winner: Nils Jansons (full results).

Grindhouse Wreck City Tour: Copenhagen Realstreet

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Grindhouse Wreck City Tour: Copenhagen Realstreet

The Grindhouse Wreck City Tour 2014 went from south Germany to Copenhagen. Find a full tour gallery on Facebook.
Filmed by Harry Can & Daniel Prell. Post processing: DP. 3d by Mr. Rauch.

Music: Nincompoop – Josh Woodward.
Copenhagen Real Street 2014 (Denmark): Official Edit | Results.

Scandinavian Real Street Contest (SRSC): Time Machine
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James Short, Memorial Session (2014): S&D Edit

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

James Short Memorial Session 2014: S&D Edit

Event on Facebook | Photo.

Best Tricks

  1. Luke Naylor (Detroit)
  2. Travis Rhodes (Cleveland)
  3. Stefan Brandow (Pittsburgh)

Toe Roll

  1. Stefan Brandow (Pittsburgh)
  2. Aaron Pyle (Dayton)
  3. Mike McAllise (Cleveland)

Cess Slide

  1. Luke Naylor (Detroit)
  2. Stefan Brandow (Pittsburgh)
  3. Justin Thursday Fuelling (Elyria)

Saint-Ay Mad Contest 2014 (France): Pool Edit

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Saint Ay Mad Contest 2014

IRCL 2014 | Official Report by Geoffroy Dubreuil

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

10 years later the IRCL is back!
International Roller Contest Lausanne 2014. Visit
August 29-31. Official Report by Geoffroy Dubreuil.

Lausanne (Switzerland) 2014 Contest: Teaser


Kentucky Battle 2014: Southern Scum Edit

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

I got broke off something awful at the first spot. Between dealing with the injury, having the pup attend the event and typical booth duties it was quite the hectic day. Luckily I was still able to break out a camera a tad bit at some of the spots.

Kentucky Battle 2014: Southern Scum Edit

Cheers to all the heads who have held this contest together. Doug Williams for never giving up, Brad Anthony for stepping up and delegating the shit out of the whole thing. All the volunteers who helped raise money and promoted the event. Floyd and the RIOT sk8park for letting us get busy the night before. Most of all, the competitors, literally rain or shine, stayed determined to put on a good show. Attitudes were tremendously positive and love was all around.

14 years strong, The Kentucky Battle, like water, flowed through the streets of Louisville. Not one spot was a bust, no broken bones, no fights, plenty of ganja and plenty of solid tricks on them blades. Though, I had no intentions on filming anything, I am pretty pleased how this little number turned out.

At times I feel myself lost within this industry. Constantly confused where it is taking all of us. At the end of the day, I just consider myself blessed to know and love so many talented people. The rise is still very much real. The sky is the limit. The best part of all, next is number 15.Chad Anthony.

Music: John Cash – Hurt, Harvey Danger – Flag Pole Sitta. Visit


  1. Doug Williams
  2. Jon Cooley
  3. Brandon Thompson

Moscow S3T Contest 2014 (Russia): Pills Edit

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Moscow S3T Contest 2014 (Russia): Pills Edit

Bowl Lord Victory 2014 (France, Sept 14): Teaser

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

An ancient fallen king is rising to bring back his former clan to fight at the “Bowl Lord Victory 2014″. Event on Facebook.

Bowl Lord Victory 2014 (France, Sept 14): Teaser

Un ancien roi dechu se reveille pour rassembler son clan passe afin d’aller querir la victoire lors du Bowl Lord Victory! Les riders de la Drome organisent un contest roller au skatepark des Trois Sources a Bourg les Valence sur le theme medieval! Venez le Dimanche 14 Septembre avec vos costumes! Facebook Event.

Onda Summer Contest 2014 (Spain): Official Edit

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Official Video of the Onda Summer Contest 2014 by David Montes Altea. Onda Skatepark august 15-16 2014.

Daniel Gomez (Chino) @ Onda Summer Contest 2014

Featuring Nick Lomax, Michel Prado, Yuri Botelho, Carlos Bernal, Adrien Anne, Frederick Anderson, Felix Caballero, Aritz Ortega and more.

Previously: Chino @ Onda Summer Contest 2014 + Results.

DeFise 2014: Digital FISE Xperience (Teaser)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

The Defise (Digital Fise Xperience) is an online contest taking place in october + novembre 2014. Send your entry to win 6000 € ($8060) & SFR prizes.

DeFise 2014

The DeFISE (third edition) is a video contest open to all riders in ROLLERBLADE, SKATEBOARD, BMX AND MTB, with a pro and an amateur category for each sport.

The rules are simple: creativity and fun are the main goals. Take one rider, choice your spots, a camera and a bunch of tricks: those are the necessary elements.

One rule: the video has to be 90 sec maximum. Upload it and share it on the DeFISE by SFR Youtube channel from October 1st – november 15th.

Rules & more infos Regles du contest & plus d’infos.

Ghetto Games 2014 (Latvia): 26 min Recap

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Host of the Nils Jansons Invitational. Blading @ 3:25.

Ghetto Games: Nils Jansons Invitational 2014


Kill It Or Grill It 2014 (Sweden) by Richard Karlsson

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Kill It Or Grill It 2014 (Sweden) by Richard Karlsson

Filmed by Richard Karlsson & Joachim Wall. Camera: Canon XM2.

Kill It Or Grill It 2014 (Sweden): Edit by Zebastian Cassel + Results.

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