Carter LeBlanc: Chance of Rain (2014)

Carter LeBlanc: Chance of Rain (2014)

Chance of Rain, a hybrid Seattle skate video by Derek Brown and Carter LeBlanc. Featuring sections from James Truitt, Gavin Fitch, Derek Brown, Matthew Crissinger and Carter LeBlanc.

Chance of Rain: more sections on Vimeo.

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  • whooooo

    some syd and skillz. i am so happy right now

  • Carson

    So fucking boss

  • mreid

    You da man Carter.

  • Graeme Wilson

    Boom boom pow, son.

  • Anonymous

    has a somewhat Eliot style. Good shit man

  • BobbleHeadBlader

    real nice man! proper blading here. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Anonymous

    Very, very good watch.

  • Anonymous

    instant classic. the whole video is fire. so fucking good

  • Truemakio

    Digiiin holly yeaaashhh

  • Mike

    Wow I was happily surprised by this. Sick solid skating!

  • whats up

    Das dat Nigga dog das dat Nigga

  • JsameM

    That was fuckin incredible mr Leblanc

  • Nope

    Thumbs up from me.

    I like seeing this type of skating.


  • Anonymous

    tall blader keepin yesteryear. well done

  • Anonymous

    great skating, great filming, great spots choices ! BRAVO

  • LEON


  • SteeZ

    Yes! Actually good Skating. Ultra Solid Landings.

    Well Done! I wanna skate super solid now haha.

  • Anonymous

    That super duper good!! I wanna see more of this dude!

  • Anonymous

    Arty graphics guy by day – hammer dropping blader by night! Really enjoyed that edit.

  • Anonymous

    I fucking love little underground edits like this with none of the poser haircut tattoo bullshit that we get from most of the pros these days.

  • Anonymous

    song anybody? :)

  • christmas

    man up and stay.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? This is steezy sick.


    Damn that was really really good!

  • Thomas Martin

    Hell yeah. That was great