Carlos Bernal: USD Europe 2013, Edit

Carlos Bernal: USD Europe 2013, Edit

Carlos Bernal from Barcelona (Spain) continues to make a name for himself on the European scene with solid technical skating.

Filmed by David Montes Aldea, Oscar Prats y Michel Prado, edited by Davido Montes Aldea.


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  • Lluis Martinez



  • Anonymous

    quality edit!!! lots of hammers! well done carlos

  • Bladerrr

    Thats some real blading

  • BCN Rollers

    Spanish finest! You da best Carlos B!

    Barcelona LUV you!

  • Thomas Vega

    amazing loved that shitt. HAMERS

  • Anonymous

    El putoo!!! sigue asi maquinaa!!!

  • Pca4

    Sick rail selection in this edit

  • Fearghal

    Fuck yes man, proper good skating!

  • Anonymous

    really solid dude.

  • http://jibjigbj ander


  • Dis Dick

    Obnoxious, soulless music. The skating was good but there was no feel, no heart in it.

  • Luthraz

    Edit and music were both sick. Amazing blading. Booooom!

  • angelo ferrer

    amazing keep it up

  • santa

    Great edit!!!! Style :)

  • Radikallio

    joderrrrr! sick edit man!!

  • Angel Jaime

    Amazing. Hammer after hammer in real killer spots, almost everything 540 out, great style, speed, gaps, …

  • Anonymous

    very cool! Thank you guy!

  • not a hater

    amazing, never heard of the guy until now….
    this guy does some crazy shit!!!!

  • Graeme Wilson

    That was super crazy. Potentially a new powerhouse here.

  • Anonymous

    Great edit – whats the track anyone please?

  • Paul

    This kid should probably be pro, he’s skating at a sick level.

  • Jbah

    With all the sweet spots in barcelona he decided to skate mostly down rails, flat rails, flat ledges, sick edit

  • AL.


  • LacedWithSOB

    Dude.. You O.D. !!

  • Anonymous

    Zoo lander spins one way

  • Anonymous

    wow that guy is good

  • Cerro

    It’s surprising to see how even with one of the best videos published in a while there is still some anonymous able to talk shit about it. Anyway, congrats Carlos, it’s really nice to see someone taking risks in big spots throwing hammers!

  • Anonymous

    He’ll never be able to pull off the magnum look
    spinning one way..

  • Jason

    some dangerous switchups in there. damn!

  • Tri Tri Rudolph

    He cannot leg cesslide…

  • Anonymous

    Yay a full clip of hammers, sick

  • Pedro

    Fucking sick broh! Keep it up!