Cameron Card. My Perspective: Utah

skating in utah

quoting Cameron Card:

Here is an edit of my perspective from some of the Utah rollerbladers / my friends. I’m defiantly going to miss the blade scene we have here in Utah.

I’ll be moving to State College, Pennsylvania in December and can’t wait to start my family out there! (lucky for me, I’m right next to Woodward, PA)

Featuring Nicholas Swan, Mike Opalek, Tad Tregeagle, Mikal Moore, Mikal’s Friend, Justin Mousley, Cameron Card, Hazen Bell & Jeff Stanger.


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  • Ytka

    Love it, filming is good, especially when you have a good glass of whisky next to you…… but blading is always new and full of deja vu………….

  • Vitriol

    Hey Cameron, check this out :

  • mousley

    salt lake is gonna miss a stand out dude like killa cam. SWAGGER!

  • Alex M.

    Man, how old is Mike Opalek nowadays? Dude’s gotta be pushing 40.

  • kirill

    really good work, the skating was rad

  • Adam Brown

    @Vitriol: Lol, this is Cam’s farewell edit to Utah and you still gotta be a dick to him, give the guy a break man…

  • Jason

    great to see Mike Opalek! Nice edit + tune was ace.

  • x Phaggott x

    Good luck to you, and have an awesome adventure in your future to be! Roll on homie!

  • rob zbranek

    mojo riiiising mojo riiiiisinnng mojo riiiiiiiiiissssssiiing! Dug the hell out of that Cam! all good dudes! Damn good shredding from everyone! Go fucking blade!

  • Anonymous

    opalek = legend

  • Ito

    God, I loved the vibe in this edit. Not to mention the skating was fun to watch too!

  • CoreyMcCumber

    Vitriol, he is going to look you in the eyes and miss the ever living crap out of us Utah skaters, no matter what you say.

  • Tad Tregeagle

    Love this edit. I’m gonna have to visit you in PA Cam.