Brodye Chappell, customizing his USD Classic Thrones

Filmed and edited by Sean Berrigan.

Brodye Chappell, customizing his USD Classic Thrones

Song: The XX – Angels (Sango Remix). Thanks Danny Beer.

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  • WTF

    Nice… mcdonalds skates c:

  • hmm

    Dangerous with those power tools mate. Shoulda used a jig for those tiny parts.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Sick bro, watch those thumbs though! Beer and power tools for the win!

  • Swagblader

    Next Damian Wilson… BLADERGANG

  • soul2roll

    Fair do’s the end result looks kind of cool. But USD souls already slide amazingly, why chop them up??

  • Bryan f

    Ya brodye! So sick homie!! Usd are my new favorite.

  • wills llX

    pourquoi faire cela sur un classic alors que c est le seul usd qui glisse.

    ils sont zarb ses caincains….

  • Anonymous

    precision work right there. good stuff

  • Anonymous

    why the hell would u do that, if you grind and the ledge isnt perfect, wouldnt you get stuck on the back piece of the soul plate and die?

  • will

    why havent usd made a skate come out that has that juice set up?(like Rachards, Demitriuos, DL’s) set ups i’ve always thought that was awsome, its to much work to do all that shit though. I think they did on a Jolio model back in the day, but they need to do that shit! i’d def buy! just a thought.

  • nutsonya chin

    shoulda used a thicker piece of plastic brah, shit looks kinda wierd..
    i miss my juice setup i had back in the day



  • Brodye

    It was an XL UFS Throne diamond soul plate. And they are 3/8 of an inch thick. Just right I think. If I go thicker, I could pitch it like the coup soul plates, which would be pretty sick.

    I’m not a lowlife, I just like beer dog, haha.

  • freddy

    the homie brodye is the macguyver of classic thrones!!!!!

  • rollerblading is gay

    lol at the retard who thinks they’d get stuck. uhmw!

  • Anonymous

    Nice work! I like the edit too :)

  • Nick Shand

    Do skaters actually give that much of a shit as to what colour their skates are?

    It wont make you skate better or get any girls.

  • A.William$

    S/O to my dawg Brodye…..always coming with the fire!!!!!! Kinda makes me wanna start rockin my thrones again..!!!

  • Brodye

    Dooooooo it Anthony!

  • NKwan

    @Nick Shand – Brodye has the nicest, coolest girl already.

    this nick guy has a chip on his shoulder.