Brian Shima: Uncloned Section (2001)

Brian Shima: Uncloned Section (2001)

Razor Team Video 2001. Produced by Beau Cottington.

Song: Bob Dylan – The Hurricane

Razors Team Videos: Un.Cloned (2001, by Beau Cottington), Steal this video (2002, by Jan Welch), Closer (2003, by Beau Cottington), Ego (2005, by Adam Johnson), Icons (2007, by Adam Johnson), Game Theory (2010, by Brazillionaire), Children of the future (2012, by Erick Rodriguez).

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  • shamu = ROLLERTUBE?

  • kolajic

    ou :D…

  • Chris

    fucking love that song

  • oldman

    Shima really lives rollin! I love to watch him skate!

  • Lukas

    I agree with oldman….shima was and is a true innovater…sad thing you see so little footage of him these days…

  • tom

    u shudnt keep doing this…putting youtube videos on the front page
    rollernews used to be about legal videos only, this is just stupid stop doing it. it doesnt help the industry at all it makes it lose money.

  • dizzy

    K first off i think this video made all the money it was going to. its from 2001. secondly shima is the fuckin man. He was skating better back then than most are today

  • NotWorthy


  • :)

    i remember seeing this on kazaa back int he day..

  • kafka

    shima is a king, videos like that from 5 years back show you how much the sport hasn’t developed much, either that or the dude is really a unique genius.
    never seen anyone going in and out of slides so easily. kick M&^%$F ass

  • era

    lol, i dont think anyone is still buying vhs videos, so i dont think they have to worry about it that much. i own uncloned on vhs anyways, so i can watch it all i want. that aside, the semi stall is sick. so are the rest of the profiles.

  • hueh

    i loved jon elliott’s section in this video

  • Mr.Red

    Kafka > maybe you should think that Shima was 5 years ahead of everybody…so was Dustin back in Coup de Tat, Brain Fear Gone and Words.

  • fishys

    fuck the industry theres enough money to make all these products and clothes ,which are a rip off for the mostpart, i roll cause i love it why is all this money needed to keep it going

  • thiavery

    Shima is the best skater ever!
    He has the best style , he’s always smile. Real blader!

  • dizzy

    fishys your very ignorant. how do you expect to skate if companies stop making skates,wheels, ect. without the industry none of us could skate. So wise up.

  • mhhhhh

    Rock n’ Roll bitches…
    shima is the man…

  • rollerdude

    @tom: generally i`d agree with you – when it comes to current vids that you could purchase, but i seriously doubt that you can still buy “uncloned”…

    its the same with old VGs…. if you could still purchase them, i def. would. Unfortunally it`s not possible, so i depend on someone who uploads them to be able to reminisce

  • man

    I will die one day whit abig smile in my face,because i skate a many years in my life.I was skateing in that time when this video made.And saw how is skateing borning.And was skateing until the first 10years:Since arlo and the others for this days.
    Shima is one of the mans who build this game to this level.
    And respect to him not because he is alegend,because he is one from us…

  • billy la banlieue

    Oe les ptis pedes !!!
    Les jeunes ils tournent trop et font trop de switch ups.
    C est pas beau
    Un top soul suffit.

    Et aller niquer vos meres avec votre putain d industrie a la con.
    Moi j achete des patins c suffisant cher comme ca … faudrait pas non plus que jachete des dvd de 15 min a 35 euros et des t shirt affreux au meme prix et toute la panoplie du skater foireux qui vaut la peau des couilles.

    Quand on arretera de se foutre de ma gueule oe la on pourra dire qu il faut supporter l industire.

  • Roussel

    this was the first i’ve ever seen on shima back 5 years ago. he is a rolling god.

  • nj

    i remember seeing this vid in the game Rolling as well. correct me if im wrong though.

  • gmoney

    this section started me rolling

  • lp gatti

    i love this video =)

  • beau cottington

    thanks for the love guys, and for the record i don’t give a shit if you put it on youtube, googlevideo, whatever. this title isn’t for sale anymore.

  • beau cottington

    PS- just search my full name on googlevideo and you can see all of uncloned and a whole lot more.

  • Anonymous

    fish at 3:23 was fuckin incredible . long live sir brian

  • broke milf

    2001 – five years ago for some people here

  • Anonymous

    Shima sux a fat dick now.

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