Flashback: Brian Shima – Create Originals, Pro Team Introduction (2011)

Brian Shima: Create Originals,  Pro Team Introduction

Many skaters have came and gone throughout the short history of our sport. Many talented people who have impacted blading immensely have came and went within a few short years, no longer to be seen again.

Only a handful have lasted the test of time and continue to progress skating to insane levels today.

Our newest pro rider for Create Originals is one of the most iconic pro’s that our industry has ever seen. Nobody has been skating as hard and as raw for as long as he has. He has an unmatchable track record throughout the years complete with legendary sections, interviews and contest placings.

This guy’s just one of the greatest and we couldn’t be happier to have him down. Ladies and gents, please welcome Brian Shima to the CO pro team.Billy O’Neill.

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  • max power

    good music! witch rulesss!

  • RED

    that ao soul was fuckin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Anonymous

    Shima didn’t steal shit….He’s got some real fuckin heart and love for the blade game and got his shit sorted before Elliott and Jan was run into the fuckin ground. Whos is acually out there skating and still killing shit. It sure as shit aint Elliott and Jan. Much respect to a fuckin legend

  • seriously

    If you hate on Brian Shima, hang up your fuckin blades right now.

  • Anonymous

    legends never die. If you all knew your history you would understand why. It is obvious that all of you talking shit never saw the Box magazine with the brass balls award that Shima won. If you did you wouldnt be talking shit. Thats was 15 years ago and he is still on point.

  • saa

    Thank you Brian Shima, thank you.

  • pcooley

    I’m so fucking tired of Real World: Rollernews. I stay for (some) of the content, but now its starting to get really questionable.

    Good edit. pz

  • pete

    all im going to say is most of those ledges he was hittting where huge and hes a old school legend obv age restricts abilitys yet he still killed it :)

  • soul skater braah

    If there were a real reason to hate Brian Shima for what he did, the people closest to him would know before you dumb fucks. The article before the edit summed it up pretty damn well. Shima is still on his game and doesn’t give a shit what you think

  • CTroller

    I didn’t know Shima could still throw down like that

  • Bob Sled

    Regardless of what happened between Shima and Elliot they are both legends that have had a lasting impact on our sport. A big part of rollerblading is friendship and I would like to think that the friendship they once had will one day allow them to realize that companies and money often come and go but good friends and legends are never forgotten. I do not know the details about what happened between them. I do think it would be better for all parties involved to forgive and forget past transgressions in the interest of reconciliation.

  • Anonymous

    Shima screwed Elliot over. Nimh skates suck.

  • shut your mouth groms!

    lil kids have no idea what your talking about… screwing over elliot???, pssh yea so what? you wanna start a skate company with a cokehead? ….and hell yea he does a ton of souls and royales… cuz their some of the most proper best styled ones ever… you stupid euro fucks and ed hardy spin to win aragon fans have the shittiest royales and topsouls with no style, so shut your mouths!!!

  • Anonymous

    what is the song plesae ?!

  • facts

    elliot screwed shima over…he was sucking the nimh dry and reaping off of Brians hard work while he just snorted coke and rode fix gears…brian was out there shredding…jon elliot does not help blading at all and hasn’t for almost 10 years now…fuck him and fuck all you dumb jon elliot sweating FAGGOTS.

    he wasn’t even that good.

    thats right, i said it.

  • Leon Humphries.

    Song is:

    Witch = Seer

  • Anonymous

    haha, Shima’s sent in all his friends to re-write history. Shima fucked up Nimh and then screwed Elliot big time. But now Shima is stuck with the worst skates in rollerblading. I hoep montre gets on a real skate compnay team before this one goes bankrupt.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a fat/short unstylish Sean Kelso to me lol

  • Sholto

    Unbelievable style!!

  • Anonymous

    Same old shit for like 10 years

  • sou

    I love to read all these comments.

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