Brian Freeman: Pariah Profile

Brian Freeman: Pariah Profile

Brian Freeman‘s section from Pariah. Signature wheel now available at your local retailer or online at Support!

Song: Curren$y – Smash on O’Leary.

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32 Responses to “Brian Freeman: Pariah Profile”

  1. pen15 Says:

    some cool skating but im sorry man drop-kick lui kangs weren’t cool when colin kelso did them and they still ain’t cool!

  2. owl Says:

    Valo fits him very well.
    Like the mainstream I would like to say SWAAAG.

  3. Adapt99 Says:

    This dudes liu Kangs are trash

  4. Ted Danton Says:

    I didn’t know whoopiE Goldberg’s child skated .

    Why did he turn around so much on the last trick. Was it a 360 to fakie ?

  5. It or not Says:

    Fis the Valo team real well. Is his pro wheel half the price of others pro wheels ?

  6. Matt Lyon Says:

    My section was far better than this bull shit

  7. Haitian Says:

    I thought you had to be something special to be a pro blader ? Dudes softer than silk.

  8. John Skelton Says:

    Sick one of my favorites

  9. RALF Says:

    That was sick!!
    most of those spots looked fuckn difficult.

  10. Bfree reverse racism? Says:

    B-Free does not like white people I can tell by how he was reluctant to touch that lady in the beginning. Just like how Whites back in the day treated blacks …. shame on u Bfree shame shame..

  11. Joe Says:

    ^ what the hell, are you serious? does not like white people? she was a white trash drug head, I’m white and I wouldn’t touch her.
    and there is nothing called reverse racism, it’s racism any way it goes, are you stupid?

    well well, focus away from the retard and back to the skating.. sick section, Brian kills!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Love gap skaters fuk sa haters BFREEEEE!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Dude got hurt 1 week into filming this section. Don’t be mad he got hurt, you know shit would have gone down .

  14. Blader Gang Says:


  15. Otakuboi Says:

    If the world goes crazy in dec 21 2012 and the electricity goes out at least my blades will still work lol

  16. Kirill from UTAH Says:

    All you kids on here are squarer than a milk crate. B-Free is fucking rad.

  17. JJ Says:

    Bfree is good enough to get a wheel. Now with that said, if he didnt know any of the top pros he wouldnt get shit. Its the pros that made him pro. they like him, they see something in him this edit didnt show. Oh well. let the man live. and let the sport grow, go support. stop bashing on each other. Any one that rolls should be supported. Blade for life. blader on blader crime gets us nowhere. focus people! help the sport grow! SUPPORT

  18. Bfree reverse racism? Says:

    dude i was kidding

  19. rock Says:

    LOVE BFREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FUTURE FOR SURE!

  20. Gorgeous Brillance Says:

    I don’t think people understand why Brian and other people (specifically the Valo team are in the position they are.) The truth is those guys and people like them represent an evolution in rollerblading. That is nothing to get riled up or hate on for the following reasons:

    *In comparison to other extreme sports there are people with different skating styles along with styles of dress. Not everyone likes the same music or has the same extracurricular activies. The fact that people are hating on these kinds of people CONSTANTLY on here and in “The real world” shows the maturity of people in out sport. That alone is a great factor in our demise/downfall.

    Just because you don’t like how someone dresses or skates doesn’t mean you should hate. In the end these people are going to do more for our sport that our predecessors did albeit they are doing it in DIFFERENT & INCOMPARABLE WAYS.

    I feel like a lot of people who rollerblade don’t have the cultural appeal and/or intelligence to do something better for our sport because truth be told when you roll up to a skate park looking like a twenty something (or however you are loser) and the first thing you do is smoke a blunt it tarnishes the was people see us.

    In my opinion if you skate on a team you should be able to have your own frame, wheels or whatever deal to be able to get residuals. I don’t think a lot of us understand that to some people rollerblading is all they do & even if that isn’t the case why should ANYONE not have an opportunity to gain some sort of monetary reward for what you do. Bigger than any maneuver we can do the biggest trick is exposure, politics and style.

  21. REAL Matt Lyon Says:

    that comment was not from me. bfree kills it and style is untouchable

  22. Anonymous Says:

    much better than Bret….

  23. Big Sexy Says:

    Love it, why you all trollin and sooking on here? Put your own video up then, his doing it living the dream and your on here talking shit.

    Freeman is a boss!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    naturally athletic now lets see some tech

  25. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Hell yeah Brian! Love this section, keep it gangsta over there in Cali!

  26. homer54o Says:

    Best attitude, one of favorite skaters for sure

  27. Kristian Payne Says:

    So much jealousy and hate for no reason. Kids must be blind. Killer section Bfree and well deserved wheel, will be my next blading purchase for sure.

  28. AnthonyMedina Says:

    Anonymous haters say what?

  29. BLADER GANG Says:

    MY NIGGA! Blader gang nigga! what yall niggaz wanna do? all yall niggaz be doin is hatin on a nigga, dont yall niggaz know its tough on deez streetz nigga? we out here Nigga! Blader gang all up in dis heezy nigga!

  30. leon Says:

    he fucking sucked, I could understand if this shit was in a friends section but his skating does not deserve a whole profile, there were two or three good tricks there

  31. Urbn^nja Says:

    BFree with experimental “barelygrindblading” wins. More to it than just the standard grind-fare and he shows it ;). Good Stuff B. You know what the next step is.

  32. pom Says:

    best stuff ive seen from him… not bad, not bad