Brian Aragon: Videogroove VG22 Section

brian aragon

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  • Hans

    too short

  • champion bumstimulator

    just before he became a massive big headed cunt, just because you’ve got a few skates with your name on doesn’t mean your kanye west

  • Andy

    He’s never been a cunt, on the contrary he’s always stayed humble even if he for the last 5 years constantly has been among the top 3 rollerbladers in the world both in park and on street. That’s an achievement actually.

  • Anonymous

    shima 4s were the best looking and equipped razors. damn i miss those.

  • adam

    great to see him ripping street. do feel he used to be better though

  • lilosch

    thank god he is not kanye west, kanye is an asshole with ego issues, a really huge retarded that sucks bad at rapping and pretty much everything else, his only skill is producing beats.

  • paul

    @Adam, body gets older, falling starts hurting a lot more and pain lingers. He’s still sick.

  • terror

    @ champion bumstimulator, you are a dumb faggot, you probably have never even met him you big moutheed cunt. Out of all the pro rollerbladers I’ve met, Aragon is definitely the most humble, nicest pro rollerblader I’ve known, and he has huge dedication and works extreamly hard since he has always gotten better and better, also competing and winning competitions. Plus he one of the very few pro rollerbladers who are actually intelligent and have education. He’s definitely one of the best person to represent rollerbladers. You are a sad faggot whose mouth is full of shit.

  • spess mehren

    you know what’s really funny and depressing at the same time? none of the biggest names right now have produced anything even close to this good in the past five years…alex broskow went to shit, as did kelso, and don bambrick…I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything this impressive for a good four or five years

  • spess mehren

    oh and yeah, I have always wanted a pair of shima fours…they were such sick skates

  • Anonymous

    The bonus section of Aragon in VG22 is actually better than this profile. So crazy to see him rocking the ABLE gear. Cam Card’s profile was no joke in this either.

  • rollerblading is gay

    broskow went from super hammers to super style. cant hate it. still tech as hell. aragon was never a dick. i remember meeting him and he introduces himself and says “whats up? im brian”. serious. like i couldnt know who he was. sean kelso is still dope as he’s ever been. ck is still good too. just fuckin crazy when he talks on the internet

  • Anonymous

    seen one profile you’ve seen em all.

  • Anonymous

    seriously is fuckin insane how aragon can spin natural both ways, really good section

  • DarthRoller

    This section broke new ground in terms of consistent, hard-hitting technicality and we probably won’t see anything like it for a while.

    One of those “moments” in rollerblading that’s hard to top. Bit like Brandom Campbell’s disaster back fastslide in Fruitbooter. Won’t see better for a while.

    His bonus section in VG22 as someone already said is actually even better than this.

    Anyone who can 360 into topsouls natural and switch, tornado and hurricane, definitely has my vote.

    Been amazing for a ridiculously long time, continues to win park comps, is rarely injured. Knows what he’s doing.

  • ?!?!?!

    JC Rowe section was way better

  • Anonymous

    I met Aragon before at a skate comp. He was really cool. I guess he’s used to strangers approaching him all the time. I just walked up to him, introduced myself and shook his hand. He wasn’t an asshole and he even took a few minutes chat with me.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I almost forgot that pros used to grind big rails and do immense hammers. Now we get to see picture of dudes on motorcycles and edits of pros skating 3 inch high rails. Yay rollerblading.

  • spess mehren

    ha ha guy above me…yes

  • con bk

    wats the name of this song? and fuck all the h8ers out there

  • Marcus Lewis

    Even Aragon had humble beginnings. It’s like watching progression at it’s beginning. We all know how this story goes and it’s great.