Brian Aragon: Ground Control, GC.1 Section (2011)

2013 Repost.

Released in 2011, Ground Control GC.1 came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community. Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film documents the story of the frames beneath the feet of each of the GC team.

Brian Aragon: Ground Control, GC.1 Section (2011)

The final section of the film, Episode 12 shows us exactly why Brian Aragon is considered one of the greatest bladers our sport has ever seen. Switch grinds, flips, insane switch ups, huge gaps, all executed with flawless style.

Song: Sleigh Bells – Kids. Ground Control GC.1: More Sections.

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  • Ben SheIIbourne

    SHITE section

    Filmed and edited poorley

    These are ALL warm up tricks for J BAH

    Seen people in the UK so much better than this

    Antony Makie would have Bry off anyday

  • Anonymous

    why is aragon not making edit’s for such a long time?

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck choose this awful “music” ???

  • Anonymous

    @Ben, because j-bah warms up with top souls to hurricane top souls and 540 souls..

  • M.

    He is rollerblading.

  • Anonymous

    He was rollerblading.

  • Dom

    You people are retarted. Go stab your eyes out. That shit was the illest!

  • ksiaze podlasia

    Seen people in the UK so much better than this
    on same spot u shithead? die just die we dont need ppl like you

  • Anonymous

    How long has it been since Aragon’s last edit ?! Is he injured or something ? The dude kills everything, would be nice to hear something new from one of the top pros in our industry from time to time. Isn’t he supposed to be Razors’ team manager by the way ?

  • Shuriken

    Ben shell you are an idiot and a troll.

  • Shuriken

    Aragon is undeniably amazing at skating but I always find his sections a little dull usually. Best Aragon section for me had to be Bang. That had a nice variety of tricks in it. Plus the 540 over the fence gap was epic.

  • Ben SheIIbourne




  • snowden

    The filming/editing/music were shit.

    Cant people just make rollerblading look fun (which Aragon would bring off well) rather than this half baked/try hard shit?

  • Laurens

    Aragon’s profiles are always amazing. Brian is one of the best bladers out there. It’s a shame if the rumours are true and he quit rollerblading

  • Anonymous

    This section was out for a long time on other youtube channels and I don’t care, its still amazing every time

  • Game over.

    He doesn’t quit Rollerblading… he just quit Pro skating.. but i’am sure he still skates for himself.. for fun.. with no pressure on him… and it’s a good thing.. he doesn’t have to be the best anymore.. he has already proved ereything… he’s 30… now he can just skates and enjoy.. HE IS A LEGEND… and legends does have to prove anything, and lives forever…
    there is only 2 legend in rollerblading.. 1 per decade.. Brian is the second one.. the first was Aaron..

    Thk u Mr Aragon.

  • Anonymous

    aragon is gone

    enjoy your “ill do it for free” huckers

  • Arlo

    wow so many haters ! Aragon is the best skater to ever live PERIOD !

    Section kills yall are cray cray…

  • Anonymous

    its funny because all you people talking shit can not and will never do a 1/4 of the shit brian does with that style ever. so go skate your 2 foot tall practice rail in your drive way and pretend you can skate like this guy. Always gonna hate on the best no matter what sport… fuckin pussies.. That is all

  • Adam

    Brian is one if the best bladers of all time, most of you blade, not even close to his level, and you hate on him?

    Maybe if you spent less time talking shit, maybe you could put in some work, and possibly get somewhere near this level.

    This section was awesome. One of the most technically sound bladers of all time.

  • nicolas

    why the fuck did he stop blading ? :(

  • Lee

    His skating is so good, arguably the best. He combines big tricks, speed, technical skill, athleticism and ease in a way that no other skater does.

  • Jim Acres

    He quit because Razors’s weren’t doing their job and weren’t fulfilling their contract.

    If someone promises you $120k a month and only give you say $90, your gonna be pissed right?

    Plus with Razors sponsoring Chaz Sands to hold his own contest and then place in his own contest year on year because he couldn’t place in any others, they had to make cuts somewhere.

  • king france

    This is the best roman abrate section ive ever seen