Brian Aragon: Game Theory Section (2010)

2011 Repost.

brian aragon

More Game Theory Media: Intro, Don Bambrick, Julian Bah, European Montage, Friends Montage, Jeph Howard, Iain McLeod, Eric Perkett, Edwin Wieringh, Stefan Horngacher, Max Jubin, Roman Abrate, Mathias Silhan, Trailer 01, 02, Dvd Soundtrack.

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  • GeeDee


  • emjay(GER)

    this part is amazing-but in germany i can`t see this here….

  • http://a a

    fa…fakie 540 topside soul?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!??!?!? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk

  • oli short

    this is gay, spin to win shit just like the french guys

  • The M

    can you post a vimeo version? Can’t see that here!

  • Anonymous

    Bout sick of kanye west

  • felix

    f540 topsoul…first one done on a real rail…brian is still on top! I own this video and I don’t get the hate it gets often. Yes I like vine st more but the tricks in game theory are very good!

  • Simon Mulvaney

    …He’s almost as good as me now…

  • Brian Aragon

    Dear Oli,

    ur right its gay and i would rather to some toerolls too, but as long this stupid gay little Rollerkids buy my stuff i´m down with that gay image!
    Watched ur edit some time ago and i have to say, this is the REAL rollerblading shit Dude!!!!!

    yours Brian

    Ps: I hate those French Guys too but they are always down with some kickass Cocain!

  • felix

    my comment was deletetd?! are you crazy koubis? you let anonymus guys hate like they want and constructive comments get deleted??? thanks and by!

  • Anonymous

    so…who else is trying to get that free download, but freestyle culture didn’t bother to see if their coupon would function properly on their website?

  • Anonymous

    plain jane cookie cutter

  • marcelino

    hahahahaha brian bunch of mark ass chumps hatin hahaha

  • marcelino

    and who likes watching toerolls thats probably the gayest thing in rollerblading

  • Brian Aragon

    stop writing in my name, you bro’s need to stop hating and do more skating. also i have quit.

  • Brian Aragon

    anybody who posts as brian aragon is not brian aragon. except me, i am brian aragon

  • nick davis

    incredible. hate on him all you want but he does hammers…….. has been on top for a long time now! respect to brazil and aragon. peace.

  • Real Talk

    This is fuckin incredible…

  • Aron

    Anybody who hates on this MUST be a retarded dumbfuck. It`s as simple as that. Honestly, as much as I prefer Haffey over Aragon, this was so fucking sick.

  • brooooo

    god i wish i were as cool as brazil. fuck man. i want to make movies for a living.. that guy must have bitches hanging from his nuts.. i hope he comes out with another podcast about how to succeed. i need to learn how to set goals.

  • Anonymous

    that was sick. I love Aragon’s skating! I have been watching him since the beginning and he never disappoints, coming through with huge, inimitable tricks that always have the most perfect style.

    when most guys start shying away from what’s already been done, Aragon finds a way to shatter the envelope! true pro right there



  • Freddie mercury

    I used to Rollerblade when i was alive! Guess why….

  • john

    “brooooo Says:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 6:04 pm
    god i wish i were as cool as brazil. fuck man. i want to make movies for a living.. that guy must have bitches hanging from his nuts.. i hope he comes out with another podcast about how to succeed. i need to learn how to set goals.”

    nice try brazil

  • tommy jacobs

    aragon is fucking sick but brazil makes him look like a faggot

  • nikluvs

    Saw this about half year ago, waited till this will be online to let all people see this, this shit is insane! Best profile of the year in my opinion.

  • spess mehren

    haha people who hate on aragon are probably the same people who go nuts over broskow or kelso’s latest rollerblading excretement, commenting on how good their style is or how their outfit is so hip when they’re doing two inch grinds to toe rolls…this is what rollerblading is supposed to be, and once the whole “hipster, tapping, toe roll” type of fad dies out hopefully this kind of skating will once again be dominant

  • Pavel

    have this video, saw it million times, and this section is absolutely sick all the time!! Aragon is for true.

  • DarthRoller

    A really sick section, Aragon really brings it.

    Pity about Brazil’s music and editing, I’d rather see a few extra tricks that slow-motion run-ups and all that, but whatever, getting to see murder material for free-hard to whine about it.

    Always respected his level of control, technicality and how rarely he sees to be injured.

  • tatar

    the headphones and all the posturing is kinda BS but fuckin’ el the skating is next level…

  • suck it

    I’ve been rollin since 1999 and this section is just INSANITY !

    You can’t question someone’s style ! Just appreciate the way people like to express themselves.

    I love Oli Short style just as much as Aragon !

  • traducer

    hate on him all you want but this section is sick and you might not like the music “i don’t” but the skating is on point.

  • That was simply incredible. I’ll admit, I’d like to see some toe rolls to souls on inch high ledges, but this will have to do. (Seriously guys?…this edit was unbelievable…)

  • nyc says

    beast gk all day new york is where skating lives

  • DAVE

    raw skating check,wack music check, Aragon is the fuckin truth anybody that hates on his skill should really look in the mirror. but i will say that Brazil is a fag and i wonder if he just sucks aragons dick figuratively or literally as well

  • Anonymous

    “free” when you type in aragon,hes making you pay 5c still, what a cunt

  • Anonymous

    UMG, GMA nach hause

    pls upload on vimeo

  • mb

    Brian Aragon you are amazing at skating, but please don’t wear those ridiculous stupid hats! that’s all

  • Brian

    Aragon is not the first to do a fakie 5 top soul on a street spot, you see mark wojda doing it in many a clips beforeand he doesnt make a big deal about it.
    don’t get me wrong I love aragon and that trick is crazy though dre powell is wrong and so is everyone else that thinks his the first to do it.
    though ups to aragon for getting it, not dissin just correctin!

  • hahahah

    theres a difference between fakie 5 topsoul and fakie 5 hard topsoul fucktard

  • Brian Aragon

    Fuck you Brian “No Last Name”. I just did 720 hard top acid on a drop curved kink rail. What now you little bitches? Oh, and all you fucktards posting under my name are stupid children. Get a life. Fuck. I’m gonna go find a sweet color shoestring to use as a belt now. Peace, idiots!