Brandon Young (12): Razors Young Blood, Edit

Brandon Young

Brandon is 12 years old and has been skating for 18 months.

His progression is astonishing, literally learning new tricks every time he skates.

Brandon’s love for skating and going big is clear, i think he would make a good addition to the young blood team.

Filmed at his local, Boneyard Skatepark near Chester.

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  • Anonymous

    you mean ssm young blood?

  • Anonymous

    becous he don’t skate razors?

  • Rob Dobbie

    Stay humble
    Keep that helmet on
    Keep shredding

    You’ll go far.

  • George Balham

    Someone let me know where it says ‘You have to be wearing Razors to enter’

    Exactly…IT DOESNT

    This kid is so dope! Imagine how amazing he will be in a few years!

    Razors need this kid on their team, he is set to go far!

  • Iron-potato

    He is going to kill everything! Sponsor this kid!

  • Anonymous

    nice razors… sick skatin bro keep dat shit up. lovin the razors

  • FIT

    Damn , keep it going fella !
    You’re really prodigy

  • 2R


    rare to see a lot of older people, let alone young dudes landing their tricks as smoothly as that.

    ykeep enjoying yourself, you’ll progress without even realising!

  • BP

    Rollernews posted it wrong again, learn him to read what people send to you idiots! This is SSM young blood edit, rollernews people usually pick up on it sooner…especially since when did blood have any thing to do with razors…

    As far as the skating goes, keep it up lil’man! You dif have the right idea!

  • DarthRoller

    Lands his tricks incredibly smoothly.

    So good.

    I’d like to see him bend his knees on the topsides more, but that’s being extremely picky.

    Definitely should go far if he stays on the right path.

  • swanjsf

    hell yeah little dude! keep shredding and keep killing those SSMs!

  • Anonymous

    yes brandon you beast

  • sfs

    cant believe how good he is, deffo needs get hooked up with some skates

  • rob dalton

    Yes Brandon! sick.

  • Anonymous

    this is RAZORS young blood, the post is correct:

  • peter


  • pom

    18months? a natural! keep wearing wrist guards man! you dont wanna smash up your growth plates

  • Dyed Red Deshis

    not good enough for my team…

  • Anonymous

    this kid should run ssm just as good as shimas new edit!

  • Ousmane Kenneh

    BP commented on it wrong again, learn him to read what people write you idiot! This is a Razors young blood edit, BP usually doesn’t pick up on it very quickly…especially since blood has something to do with razors…


    he has been skating longer than 18 months

  • the one and only

    yes brandon you sure no how to smash it to good for a year and a half